Instrumental hip-hop recommendations


Been trying for the last 5 years to convert Mrs Thirstydog to hip-hop, and made a breakthrough on Saturday night when she watched Ghost Dog with me for the first time & loved the soundtrack. Already got her listening to DJ Shadow and J Dilla, so please recommend me some similar stuff.


Company Flow - Little Johnny from the Hospitul. Early production from El-P (and someone else I can’t remember)


RJD2 to an extent, Clams Casino, the instrumental version of Madvillainy


Madlib - beat konducta series


This. Something for everybody in this series/Madlib’s discography in general.


Dr No’s Oxperiment is pretty good, as is some of his other work. Don’t actually find myself listening to that much instrumental hip hop, but a good way to get into it I guess


a lot of crap in there, I reckon. but worth a cherry pick, for sure


Noir by Blue Sky Black Death might do it for you.


Micky Mouse Operation by Little People



Friendzone - Collection 1 is good, in a similar vein


this shit never fails to floor me. glorious


Suppose there’s lots of vocal loops on the record but I’d say that’s closer to instrumental than an MC rapping over beats so Double Cup may be worth a shout?


Doesn’t seem to get any acclaim but Beastie Boys The Mix up is a personal favourite.

Other obvious stuff -
Madlib - Shades of Blue
J Dilla - Donuts

btw I adore the Ghost Dog soundtrack.


yeah - is there a compilation of the best stuff or just any suggestion of where the start?

Reminds me as well I must listen to Piñata beats




his instrumental stuff i mean


I’m by no means an expert on all things madlib, man. I just siphon off what I consider to be the gems and create a playlist accordingly. my madlib knowledge is still pretty weak, tbf

@theShipment @littlebirds @kyle and someone else I forgot are probably your go-to guys for this


Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite is great. Kind of a gift to people who would have loved a Donuts follow up. Vol 6: Dil Withers suite is the same thing but less good. Vol. 1: Movie Scenes is great, Vol 2 also same concept but weaker. Neither of the India ones are that consistent, and I’d go for the Medicine Show 3: Beat Konducta in Africa personally.

Those 3 albums are a good start.


yep. tremendous stuff


Joe Beats has a couple of nice instrumental albums. Reverse Discourse and Diverse Recourse. Both great.