Instruments where it's impossible to tell whether it's an original recording or the synthesised equivalent

Are there any? Was just listening to the harmonica on What’s Love Got To Do With It by Tina Turner and thinking “This is not an example of that”

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Utterly indistinguishable.


There is a theme beginning to emerge here

Sorry for the serious answer but some of the stuff on Moonface’s last album actually

This is a serious thread

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Most stuff by Forest Swords, and a lot of OPN stuff as well. They both play with MIDI sampled stuff digitally mashed up with real recordings/samples.

Samples don’t count for this thread though

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Dunno then soz

The bassoon.

Musical saw seems pretty much a sine wave, it’s quite mesmerising watching the eq plugin while playing back, it’s just one peak that moves up and down with the note, reckon a synth could emulate that, don’t know what kind of wave to modulate the pitch vibrato would be realistic though

reverse example: the horns on Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles sound like a shit Casio keyboard but are actually real


That’s weirdly affecting in parts, but the drum fill in the bridge nearly made me cover my laptop in tea

I’m never 100% on whether a flute sound is a flute or a mellotron

Always thought a musical saw sounds identical to a theremin


Almost every song ever then

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Flute? Probably not solo, but in an ensemble you’d be hard pressed to distinguish it from, say, a Mellotron flute setting.

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mellotron is basically a sampler which have been deemed inadmissible

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I reckon I could EBow an indistinguishable flute tone.


that e-bow tutorial cassette was pure lies