Instruments you can play and how well thread

We’ve done this on the old boards but not this one, and we are well due an update plus the board is boring today.

I can play:

Guitar: pretty, pretty fucking good tbh.

Banjo: I’d impress the fuck out of any of you noobs but feel I have a long way to go

Piano: Know where the chords are n stuff and have a couple of Jerry Lee Lewis tricks up my sleeve which sound impressive but no great shakes overall

Double bass: getting there. my technique sucks and is prohibiting me from getting better, but I can keep up well enough when playing bluegrass and even some jazz.

Other things with strings, ukulele, mandolin and bazouki: know chords, but terrible overall (except ukulele which obviously doesn’t count)

All instruments: no

Hairy banjo: sadly, it only has one string.

Guitar - reasonably decent. Self taught so can’t quantify that.

Clarinet - did up to Grade 6 when I was at school
Saxophone - did up to Grade 4

I can play no instruments.

Okay, I can probably play the piano one-handed.

(NOT a euphemism)

guitar: shit
keyboards: shit
synths: shit

shit at everything really but you still keeping on!


drums: good
guitar: bad

Bass: Pretty good these days. Can play all manner of styles and can pick up things very fast. I credit the fact that we have an improvised music scene here and that I have to play bass with anyone and everyone.

Guitar: Okay, I guess. Chords are occasionally difficult but I’m getting faster and cleaner at the changes. Want to improve and will improve.

Keyboard/Piano: Know some of the chords, can make up a nice melody line for you. Really want to get a keyboard so I can learn more.

Harmonica: Started playing again recently after years away from it. Definitely still got it but I need to practice more.

Korg DS-10 cartridge for the Nintendo DS: I dunno mate, it’s a drum machine/sequencer on a fucking Nintendo DS, I don’t know how it can be played well. Still use it at gigs as a drum machine though.

Guitar: Very badly
Drums: Never tried but I’m almost definitely fucking brilliant at them


Trumpet: learned when I was at school, played in the school jazz band and marching band. Could probably pick one up and play for about five minutes before my lips started hurting.

Mellophone: see above, marching band specific. Could still probably have a good crack at any three-valved brass instrument

Guitar: I know where the basic chords are and can do a bit of finger-picking but I’ve played for about 20 cumulative minutes over the past few years sooooooo

Always wanted to learn drums

Trumpet: ehhh was always less talented than the other members of my family, but I was actually shit

Guitar: knock about on it

Uke: knock about on it also, its a shame its such a fucking embarrassment because of snivelling bedwetters a few years back

Piano: No way hosE

Guitar - reasonable rhythm player, not much cop at lead. Been playing a long time but play very infrequently - which I really should do something about

Harmonica - used to be able to do a reasonable bluff of harmonica playing, but have not touched it for year

Could probably get by playing bass just about - but would have to use a pick, fingerstyle would be beyond me

Bass: decent to good. Played in a couple of bands in my life and can pick most things up easily.
Guitar: bad. Thought I was getting better but I recorded myself and listened back to it and it sounded bloody awful if I’m honest with you.
The rest: I like to mess around with drums and piano occasionally but I categorically cannot play them.

is that korg thing for the DS any good? sounds interesting

It is an absolute laugh to play with. Have spent hours messing around with it and the interface on it is pretty intuitive with the touchscreen. You should be able to pick it up cheap these days. It is almost unusable as an instrument but as a fun toy and easy way to make drum loops it’s pretty good.

you tell me:

Piano: great
Bass: great
Guitar: pretty great
Accordion: meh
Saxophone: I do an excellent Anthony Braxton impression

wow you’re excellent at playing guitar drums and bass at the same time

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Guitar: mediocre, but kind of developed my own style I like through being too clumsy for strummy chord stuff, play it more like a piano

Piano: Beginer, I can play OK in C/Am but think I’ve passed a critical window am stuck with that forever

Bass: mediocre, can play it to an acceptable indie standard

Banjo: Beginer, can do arpeggio chord rolls but not the proper fast lead stuff

Mandolin: Beginer, still approach it by turning guitar chords upside down, can do a bit of tremolo picking

Saw: adequate, it’s like whistling or something

Guitar: used to be decent, did six grades in classical but haven’t really touched it in years

Bass: beginner, can play a few key tracks