Integrated amp and speaker advice (audiophile nerds please get in this boring thread)

Alright? Now that I’m moving to somewhere with more than 1 room I’ve got the luxury of having some space for a decent turntable/amp/speaker set up. Trying to avoid pre-amps if possible. Not looking to break the bank so don’t What Hi*Fi me into oblivion here.

This looks like a pretty decent setup:

Can you confirm? What’ve you got m9s?

I’m no expert, but I’d probably say The Onkyo A-9010 puts sound quality above features. This means that while you won’t find digital inputs and multiple outputs you do get decent quality components fitted. The UK tuned circuitry uses Onkyo’s famous WRAT (Wide Range Amplifier Technology) for a precise and dynamic sound. Discrete amplification, using quality components, also ensures low distortion and unrestrained power.


Yeah that’s the thing innit. I’ve heard that with sales of vinyl on a roll, the Onkyo A9010 hasn’t forgotten about your turntable. The built-in MM phono stage is compatible with the majority of turntable cartridges and compliments the sound of the rest of the amp - rich and smooth yet also detailed.


I got these just after Christmas, sounds fucking great tbhumble. think both of these got proper :+1: from what hifi too.

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Ooft thanks bonesy.

the other good thing about is that by using a dedicated headphone amplifier, the Onkyo delivers; even when your speakers are mute. With substantially more power than a typical portable player, the A9010 gets the best from your headphones - making them sound punchier and more revealing.

But don’t listen to me, I know very little about hi-fi

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Hmm definitely something to take into consideration though. As is next day delivery and timed options available for online purchases of selected products. Please see checkout for further details.