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you’re taking me out of context!


on a human face, in front of a sold out audience, forever.


yeah but tricklenips have you watched sam’s youtube channel and got his podcasts and read all his books including publisher info cos if you had you wouldnt be criticizing him tbf


lets do a thought experiment where I have done all those things…

…and that’s why it’s ok to bomb Arabs.

also you can’t criticise this because it’s a thought experiment


damn, owned by my own logic :man_facepalming:


I can tell you, the guilt of a flogged eunuch is hard to shift



Hahahaha fuck me


Oh good, he’ll soon drop dead.


Oh shiii we’ve been rumbled folks


“No doom in the mornings”


O o f


Read this this morning and thought her response was so good it cheered me right up.

Then I read the replies and got all sad again.


Never read the bottom half of the internet.


chud twitter is haunted by this mystery: why does ocasio cortez, the rising politician, not want to debate the tiny manlet?




Some great replies to that.

God that guy is such an absolute bell.