Intelligent interior illumination


Please could we all share experiences, stories and advice about smart light bulbs.
I’m looking for advice because I’ve not got any experiences or stories.

I kind of want a light bulb that’ll wake me up with daylight and wind me down with whatever colour is the most cosy. I think this is technology that exists now? but i’m not 100% sure.
Do some bulbs require hubs? (alexa, echo). I have no hubs. Just a phone. no hub.

i have an alarm clock that does this.


I’ve got one of these on permanent loan but I found it so difficult to set the alarm time that I huffed and put it away.

You just hold the sun button down then you can set the alarm time and how long you want the sunrise and how long you want the sunset

Some, maybe most, wifi bulbs don’t need hubs. Got a TP link bulb in the jan sales that dims using the app/alexa. You can get the same effect by wiring a dimmer switch but this seemed like the lazy person’s way out.

My girlfriend has one of these:

to help her wake up better in the mornings. It takes half an hour for the light to come on from its dimmest to when the alarm goes off. She feels it makes a difference.

Obviously, as the world’s lightest sleeper I wake up as soon as the light comes on and effectively lose 30mins sleep every night…

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are you supposed to position these right next to where you sleep for it to be effective?

i have one but ditched it. might dig it out again.

My brother in law has got the phillips ones connected up to alexa. Problem is he got all red/pink ones and it makes his front room look like a brothel

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£32 for a light bulb!

Yeah, I don’t mean to take the piss or anything - obviously what works for people works for them and I wouldn’t want to tell them they’re wasting their money. Just found it slightly mind boggling that a light bulb could cost that much, smart or otherwise.

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you’ve sold it to me. i’m going to get one.

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I’ve got one of these in the office at home:

It’s great.

what’s the difference between that £60 one and the £30 one?

i’m not spending £60 on a light bulb

edit: ^that wasn’t meant to be the answer to my own question, i’m genuinely curious

I have smart bulbs in the living room, main light, and lamp stands. I can turn them on and off with the Amazon Echo in the living room and with the one in the bedroom.

I’m not sure about dimming them without using the smart switch that can be hand held or sat on the side table or whatever. I need to investigate more. We only got them just before the weekend.

Setting alarms using the Echo is simple. Just tell it what time to set the alarm for.

^From the latest Lidl leaflet, in store from 1st Feb. Might be available online, too. Doesn’t have timer or app shiz, but for seven quid it might be worth a shot, even if just as a tester to see if you like the effect?

Based on the thermostat, I’m a big fan of Hive and am considering their bulbs.

Fuck Alexa and Echo.

Never heard of smart bulbs until now, I’m a bit perplexed tbh.

To summarise, they’re light bulbs that can do simple arithmetic.

This all seems very clever and cool, but if im honest I’m far too lazy for all that.

And the smart bulbs are the goodies.

The cyber bulbs wear leather jackets, chew gum, ride motorcycles and are the baddies.