InterDiSal Nectar Championships 2018

25,884 equal to £129.42. Got 1,500 points to cash in to.

What are you packing?

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11,007 worth at least £55.03

Not bad. Still angry with my wife for blowing a tenner on a hooded top for my son. Points aren’t for spending! They are for competing! (or using during a double points festival not just unauthorised ad hoc expenditure!)

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think I cashed in £2;50s worth on the till last night - I have no nectar patience

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Don’t have them. I live in Ireland. I win.

Always use mine up at the end of the year on one of those double points weekends and get in some christmas booze. Am I doing it wrong?

I got 5000 FREE points at the till the other night in a kind of lottery thing. The woman on the checkout was pretty excited and put them on my card straight away as I’d probably have not spotted it and thrown away £25 like a total mug

Depends if you want to win the InterDisal Nectar Championships. (that is the way to spend them. toys or TTD difference wine are usually my poison. Missed this year’s though hence I am rich)

Yeah, I got a meagre 500 and my wife scored 1k.

No, thanks.

Got about £2 odd on there, had to use most of mine towards the end of January when I was basically running out of normal currency.

If the international banking systems are wiped out I like to think of all the value noodles I could buy with my points and how long my family could subsist for. We could probably trade some noodles for bullets and antibiotics too.

You’ll need to buy the bullets first so you can fend off the rest of the looters trying to steal your value noodles off the shelves before you get them through the checkout.

43 bags of pine nuts fyi.

Find rewards points a bit depressing.


I like the idea of sainos honouring some nectar points as armageddon consumes the world


Bit exclusionary, pal. What about the Co-op’s membership reward scheme?

Find that a bit depressing too.



Look at the news, the Dow Jones, ftse, nasdaq, etc may have collapsed, but our Nectar points are solid as ever.

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