Interest rate increase for the first time in a decade


Quick, someone tell us what we should be doing


i’m not really interested lol


Nobody anywhere knows what any of this means


So I should do nothing, is that it?


I was going to start a thread then realised I had NOTHING of value to say about this.


I think I’m going to do nothing.


That’s certainly what I’ll be doing


This must be the most boring thing I’ve ever been pleased about, but advised my parents to go with the fixed rate mortgage a few months ago

Am I a Tory?




Quick! Buy a house!!! Or sell one. I’m not sure.


If anything, MY level of interest has dropped




If you look at how the rate changed before 2008, .25 is a really cautious and ol carney has signalled that its not going to go up much more for a while.

Enjoy paying £40 more per month on your mortgages, house wankers


Do the Bank of England physically do anything to change the rate? Pull a lever or something?


What is the point of this article?


They turn the heating up. Literally, and metaphorically.


i guess if you took on a mortgage that was REALLY at your upper limit it might be a fucker




edit: god i love that site


Hang on I think I’ve got a fixed rate mortgage! YES! My life won’t get any better or worse in the immediate future as a result of this! FUCKING WINNING CAPITALISM