Interesting article on the Brudenell in The Guardian

This is a nice read on the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.


Just the best place. Great bar, great people, great gigs. Leeds are very very lucky.


Best venue.

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Glad the soundman got a shoutout too. Always great sound in the main room, seems to get what each band needs


They get far bigger acts than they’ve any right to get really, clear that it’s because people love playing it so much. Feels like you can’t go to a gig at any similar-sized venue in Leeds without whoever’s playing referencing it.

Article did remind me I had tickets for Dubioza Kolektiv and completely forgot to go though.

Definitely my favourite venue. I feel very lucky to live just ten minutes away, been to 100s of great gigs there since I moved to Leeds in 1999.


although I lived right near to Leeds for like 20 years I’ve never actually been to a gig at the Brudenell

Properly brilliant place, I live in Manchester but try to get over there as often as I can. If a band I want to see is touring and is playing Manchester but doing the brude on a Saturday night, I’m going to the brude every time. I get my Leeds friends to keep me abreast of their upcoming visits there, if I’m going to hang out with them, may as well tie in a trip to the Brude.


I heard people talk so much about t’Brude before moving to Leeds and it’s one of few venues that has ever lived up to the hype. It’s absolutely amazing when you’re there in summer and basically your entire social circle is there sinking a pint. There’s a regular who looks like he’s straight out a Coen Brothers film.


I never got over as much as I’d like because the Sheffield-Leeds transport links are/were rubbish but I really miss it since moving to Wales. No place quite like it.

Playing it is a proper right of passage too. I’m sure the stage used to be a bit smaller than it is now, as all I can remember is trying to cram pedals on there, but it just has a really nice atmosphere - even if you’re playing to no-one (which I have done there, admittedly) it still feels like a big deal. Great place.

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Watched some of the World Cup (!) there two years ago as well and thats great.

Not a massive fan of the new second venue but its still 10/10 all round.

I’ve only played the smaller room but I’m doing the main room in May, really excited.


Yeah, has to be said that the second room’s a bit of a dud. They very deliberately never reveal which room people are playing in when there’s two gigs on the same night, cos it would really hit ticket sales for whoever’s playing the other room.

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I’d agree the second room doesn’t compare to the main room, or even the games room, however I think they’ve done the best they could with an extension and it still sounds great in there. Don’t know if it’d put me off going to a gig hearing it was in the second room, but I am a little sad if I hear it’s in there!

As everyone says, the venue is pretty much the best place around. Be it the mix of people, the range of bands, the sound, the drinks prices, being able to watch the football, go on the quiz machine or eat pies, there are few places like it.

I will say, however, not to shit on the article but one thing that is missed a little is how independent promoters really helped to build the venue, putting on a ton of interesting, wide ranging bands…certainly across the period from when I started going in around 2005, and almost definitely earlier. I know Nathan and the venue learned a lot from this and helped build it to what it is now. It would be nice if there was more of that independent stuff now as well…but that’s just me being a bit of a miserable old bastard harking back to the old days (as well as the fact that there are other venues across Leeds that cater for that, which weren’t there 10 years ago). :smiley:

Really though, I have had some of the most memorable nights of my life there seeing some awesome music. Long may it continue


I’ve nothing original to add to this thread, just wanted to say how much I love it too. I live in Bristol but run the website of a Leeds band so happily have the excuse to head up there from time to time.

And as a Bristolian, I very much approve of them introducing Pieminister pies there too.

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I like the second room. Sure it’s a box, but the sound is great and views not bad


No better gig experience when you’re travelling from outside Leeds than getting to the Brude early, parking outside, eating a pie, see the band then being back in the car minutes after the show. Great venue.

Some of my favourite gigs ever have been in the brudenell and come to think of it, most of my life I’ve lived within 2 hours journey of the place. When I was in Newcastle it was worth the mission to get the train back afterwards and get home at around 3 in the morning.

First time in the new room was The Twilight Sad in summer 2018. I was surprised that it wasn’t the main, and disappointed at first, but it didn’t matter in the end. Great night.

Heads up as well - Abu Bakr a few doors down has a quality deli selection