Interesting Building Thread


Just a thread for posting images of interesting buildings.

Inspired by this photo @nav put in the worst artwork thread:


fresh from a hot take in one thread to a hot take in another, I present the beautiful Temppeliaukio Church, which is basically carved underground into some rocks. looks fairly innocuous from the outside apart from sort of looking like a UFO crossed with a communist bunker; absolutely lovely inside.



Where is this?

Can everyone say where their interesting building is, ta!




Michelin Building, Kensington.

Note the stained glass Michelin Man.


What I know as the Hanbury Ballroom, in Kemptown in Brighton. Originally a mausoleum for the first world war poet Siegfried Sassoon and his family (they’ve now been moved), then it was a venue for most of the 90s / 00s, now it’s a terrible place where hen dos drink overpriced cocktails


And the other one looking out the window, top right, who appears to be riding a bike!


Their slogan should be “where good times go to die.”


Oh yeah, I’d not noticed that!


The original windows are lost - they were moved out of London for their own protection during WWII and subsequently lost track of. The current ones are best guess reproductions as the only photos of the originals are in black and white…

Some more pics of Monsieur Bibendum in his home:


That’s all very interesting, I’ve only ever walked past it a couple of times.


Habitat 67 in Montreal. Designed for a World’s Fair in 1967, it’s a modular build made of about 350ish identical concrete units, making about 150 homes, and arranged so that every home has a private roof terrace. It was intended to create an air of suburban privacy in an urban environment/built form.


Reminded me of a block of fairly similar looking flats I saw in Dulwich a few weeks ago, Dawson’s Heights. Built in the same period, 300ish flats all with private balconies:


Saw this is the news yesterday which I quite liked.


Here’s a well-known interesting building


Walk past one in London that has plants covering the entire side of the building, always surprised about how rubbish it looks


These towers in leeds


What a shame it’s a church. I wonder if they have gigs there?


Also stayed in this via airbnb in brooklyn