Interesting historical figures

what historical figures fascinate you most?

Cleopatra was always my ‘favourite’ - incredibly messy family (all her siblings opposed her/her father and died either directly or indirectly as a result), tactically had it off with 2 of the most powerful men in Rome and had their kids, gave them cool names (her twins with Mark Antony had middle names meaning Sun and Moon), was fluent in 9 languages and was v accomplished in many different subjects, found a way to go out on her own terms rather than be paraded in a Roman triumph as a trophy, and such a powerful opponent that yer man Augustus Caesar named the month in which he defeated her after himself. i love that she is seen as this huge sex symbol retrospectively even though she was not considered to be very attractive and was instead just incredibly charismatic.

used to always be really interested in Elizabeth I as well when i was a wean with the somewhat misguided instincts of ‘powerful women are cool’ ( :clap: MORE :clap: WOMEN :clap: OPPRESSING :clap: THEIR :clap: SUBJECTS :clap: ).

let’s learn about some cool people



Kurt Angle

Forbes Philpson Masters.


i saw this the other week but it’s one of the best things i’ve ever seen

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Highlight for me is him denying being a stalinist

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i really want it to become available as a poster. i would frame it and put it on my wall. work of art

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Serious answer is the Mitford sisters at the moment.

Find it fascinating what different turns their lives took, two married Nazis and one became a communist and recorded this with Maya Angelou…

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In a twitter thread the other day on the topic of ‘Name a more iconic couple’ someone mentioned William Haines and Jimmie Shields. I wasn’t really familiar with either of them, and ended up crying at a wikipedia article, of all things:

I’m a little bit fascinated by Ghengis Khan and the Mongols :grimacing:

Was really impressed by hannibal’s crossing of the alps, would attend a parade like the one below

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Ghengis is just the tip of the iceberg, the Mongols are endlessly fascinating (did one of my degree modules on the Mongol empires). Looking at a society like that from the perspective of a European who was brought up in the UK school system was absolutely mindblowing. Also, I now have a constant fascination with the steppe as being an almost magical landscape. VIEW THIS:

I mean, this looks a bit like a max-scale Brecon Beacons but it’s fantastic.

It’s the only landscape I’d actually really like to see before I die.


oh wow, that’s my afternoon gone.

“Unity Mitford was conceived in the town of Swastika, Ontario.” yeah, no fuckin shit


Boris Skosyreff, who tried (and, depending on who you believe, briefly succeeded in) installing himself as monarch of Andorra in the 1930s.

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YES to all of this

I’ve not done a degree in the Mongols but I’ve listened to all five parts of Dan Carlin’s podcast about them, which is basically the same.

Would love to go someday, almost certainly will. Wanna drink horses milk and walk 15 miles in a day for no particular reason.

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Excellent thread @TheBarbieMovie2023

It’s inspired me to go to the museum today :blush:

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