Interests that none of your friends/family share


Like hobbies etc, what do you like that nobody you know cares about? For me it’s kpop and photography, the last time I had a decent chat about either was with a girl at lush/old man who asked about my camera lol

Not a poll thread but polls welcome (I’m still not over them)


I’d say Netrunner, but the tv plays that with me.

Effects pedals/most bass stuff.


It is extremely weird how incongruously into football I am compared to any of my blood relatives.



got plenty of #bikemates but all my other friends / family wouldn’t go near a bit of lycra


None of my family post on here other than bugduv


comics I suppose, don’t know anyone else with more than a passing interest in them


I really like prime numbers, but everyone I know is pretty ambivalent about them.


Australian Rules Football. Well my friends in Australia like it but I don’t see much of them.


Mobile Suit Gundam. Absolutely love it but have never met anyone who’s into it.




ooooh, posting on and reading


Evrything? Poker mainly


How did the tournament go?


they care a bit more when I’m bringing home massive slabs of poker BACON though, oh, they care a bit more then!!


Busted at midnight on the first day :cry:


if this is a joke then I hereby pretend to get it


Nope, it’s legit. Fucking love prime numbers.
TV bought me a really good book on them last christmas.


Art. i.e. buying prints, originals etc. Only communicate on forums with other people about it. Nobody I know is interested. My Dad is a bit, and paints but there’s not much I can talk to him about my current collection etc.


I thought it was a joke that went over my head, but as a geek…I can only approve.


Nobody else likes robots or puppets quite as much as I do.