Interior Design Masters (BBC)

Anyone seen this?

Some absolute space cadets on it.

Great telly.


Yes! Great telly indeed.

The moustachioed Steve Coogan-a-like is a massive prick. I quite like most of the others though :smiley: Saying that I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far.

The last series where they did up beach chalets was good. We saw them when we went to Walton-On-The-Naze in Essex, wanted to nose around a bit more but there were people in em.

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Best bit is the guy whose one design idea is to paint absolutely everything black.

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Absolutely love it. Are you up to date? I think the winner was justified, they’d been solid all the way through. Plus I can imagine them posting on DiS

I think it works so well because of Alan Carr. It could be so horribly uptight, but having him around takes the stuffiness out of it. Him saying to the moustachioed guy “oooh i feel like i’m in a diet coke advert!” had us rolling up :smiley:


Haaang on, the ones I’m watching have got Fearne Cotton on.

The internet says I’m on the first series of four?

Oh! Yeah, series 4 just finished! You’re in for a treat! I’ve not seen the earlier seasons. Fearne is lovely, but Alan Carr is brilliant.

Alan Carr is great on it. Loved Siobhan in S2, felt like she was a pal of my wife’s or something.

S3 has some proper gowls on it though, haven’t finished it yet.

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One of the best TV villains in years.

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