Intermediate Coronavirus Thread

Hello! As has been debated a lot over the last few days, the ssp aspect of the main C19 thread needs to be adhered to, and rightly so, and the shitposting thread has descended into utter fucking lunacy so I thought I’d start a kind of middle lane between the two. Non-ssp so light-hearted and humourous stuff is welcome, but keep the Phil Mitchell etc memes in the shitposting thread.
I know there are are fair few of you, like me, who rely on levity and humour to cope with things like this so hopefully this will provide a place for that alongside the other threads. Be nice to each other though, yeah?


Cheers for this Funky, think it’s needed because I need somewhere to vent


Ahm oot


I’m going to take a turd on your island


Buddy, you wouldn’t be the first

Can’t believe I was in the majority in a poll and it was all for nought :man_shrugging:

  • They’ve never been willing to spend money on enough tests so are straight up lying to our faces
  • Honest to god administration/logistics issues
  • Both

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if social distancing is gonna last the year, does that mean that people who don’t already live together can’t have sex that whole time? :thinking:

That’s my excuse, I’m sticking to it.


Reckon they’ll relax the rules about going to family/partner’s houses maybe at some point in the next couple of months.

The main reason I think this will almost certainly happen - in untrained and completely person opinion - is because it gels nicely with their ‘identify and contain’ strat I imagine that’ll be one of the next phases.

Open up socialising to friends and families homes and you can tell everyone you been in touch with (for the most part) that you’ve come down with symptoms and they’ll all have to self isolate.

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It’s furlough o’clock! (On Monday after next)

Having initially been terrified of the prospect at the start of lockdown I’m actually very excited indeed by it. Easter weekend was lovely and I needed more of that time to potter around in the daytime without feeling guilty that I should be at the computer :star_struck:


I took a random days leave today because i’ve had so little work today (but had to remain ‘on-call’ at home so couldnt wonder off and just potter about) and its been LOVELY! Just been sat in my beanbag armchair, listening to talking heads, playing various chill Nintendo Switch games.

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I think my furlough cash is coming through soon. Maybe even today? I dunno, I just got a payslip.

I think my main job will furlough me soon.

I really hope this is true. Am I being excessively naive to think it would be a bit surprising if this wasn’t allowed by the end of May/early June?

got no work lined up the week after next. quite looking forward to it tbh as long as the government grants are gonna come thrugh before too long.

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I dont see any major changes happening in May personally as we’re so close to it and personally think it’ll be a wave behind schools opening

BUT AGAIN im pulling this out of my ass

I think it’ll happen soon though, as it doesn’t seem like a wholely irresponsible way of building up sone ‘herd-immunity’ they seem so desperate to form and as above it can be easier to contain whilst preventing a degree of lonliness/cabin-fever. Seems like a sensible middle ground to me (again in my completely untrrained opinion)

Its just my personal outlook right now and nothing more, nothing less, dont pin any hope on it PLEASSE

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My guess is they’ll wait till after the second May bank holiday to try and avoid a big surge in people gathering together or going to public places.

I believe people will be harder to police if they can’t go see their families in May.

It doesn’t really matter though. Just because the gov says you can (or can’t) - the risk is still there as it was before the lockdown because of people being asymptomatic and going untested. If you have an older family member, every time you go outside you pose a new risk to them. It’s sad but until the vaccine here it’s fucked.


To clarify on my beliefs I also think people who have been told to stay at home regardless (the vulnerable) will be subject to far stricter measures than others for quite some time.