International Couple's Day

I don’t think anyone celebrated International Couple’s Day (August 18th) here which I feel is a bit remiss. However, you now have the chance to see if you would have won!

International Couples Day
  • We absorb each other. (you combine together)
  • We adsorb each other (one of you becomes attached and dependent on the other)
  • We have a connection I suppose. Passes the years
  • I hope they die first so I can enjoy the house
  • I hope they die first
  • I hope I die first
  • Relationships can be the worst times of your life
  • We’re all going to die

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Oh joy, another way to remind me how single I am!


Don’t worry, I am too. Bottom two are for you!

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Looking forward to Domestic Couples Day (April 23rd)

What have you got planned? New graphics card?

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No, she’s not worth a £650 present

You don’t have to spend that much to present it to her, just hand it over. No need for that over the top ceremony!