International Malaise Football Thread


The third best competition of the season reaches its quarter final stage!

Make the most this weekend everyone. The international break returns next week!


Fuck me are you going to be in trouble.






Who do you all think will win it?

  • Swansea
  • Spurs
  • Leicester
  • Chelsea
  • United
  • Brighton
  • Wigan
  • Southampton

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…and who would you like to see win it?

  • Spurs
  • Swansea
  • Brighton
  • Wigan
  • Southampton
  • Leicester

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I want history to look back on this as Leicester’s Golden Age where they won two things, went to Brugge and a disturbed man said something about an ostrich.


Considering we’ve been to the final four times and haven’t won it, and are probably the biggest club to have never won it, I’d be cock-a-hoop if Leicester managed it this year.

Quite confident about doing Chelsea, but can’t back it up with any logical reasoning.


This is DIS etc. etc.


Looked offside in real time. Looked offside on the replay. Why must Danny Mills spout absolute sewage about every decision?

Great finish, mind.


Wonder if the non-Leicester fans could name their four finals without checking?

Know they lost 1-0 to City, i think in '69, Neil Young scored the winner, against a young Shilton, i think.

Struggling to name the other three. Can’t remember them playing United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, Spurs. I’m guessing at least two of the other three came before '69…


£1 accie mates : huddersfield, bournemouth, everton, wolves, bristol c, preston, villa, Wales (toryball)

  • Eriksen
  • Modric

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Reckon Modric pips him but I think they’re at a very similar level to each other, could easily see Eriksen surpassing him if he became Iniesta’s replacement.

The weight of passing of both of them is so fucking good.


Got these going on today…


Impeccable passing and I’d argue Eriksen is probably superior at least with deadballs but Modric has a bit more pace and is able to control a game with better consistency


Was tempted to say they’re too different for it to be a valid comparison, but then the Modrič at Spurs is arguably a much different player to the Modrič at Real.

I was shocked at how young Eriksen is. Would’ve guessed he was touching thirty, but he’s just 26. Must have made his Ajax debut in his late teens.



Aye, I always think that. Saw him at Ajax against Excelsior years ago when he was 18/19 or so and he was exceptional.

Think Modric as an all round midfield player is superior, very underrated at the defensive side of the game from a positional point of view but for the purposes of arbitrary “playmaker” comparisons I think they’re neck and neck.


best league in the world