International Women’s Day for the Music Board

Sort of think this is it, but then I am much better at looking off the beaten path these days

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I suspect that the breakdown of the traditional record industry, for all its obvious disadvantages, has removed some barriers to female artists, especially in the alternative music world.

Some of my favourites from 2017


Forgot these:

In my top 100 tracks from 2017 I reckon 52 are by female artists or bands including female members:

Not sure it’s necessary to “try” to like music made by women. It’s easily as good as music made by men. 3 of my 5 best of last year were by women, and if I’d had the time to listen to it, Midwife would’ve knocked Oto Hiax off and it would have been 4/5. Genuinely surprised that people would ever use gender as a reason to not listen to something!

Madonnatron are rather good

Great choices :heart: