International Women's Evening

Alright? Had yet another long, bad day. Got more sausage & mash pie and a load of beer to drink though. What’s up?




Ate this pizza and now I’m off to see the genius Amaarae


Had katsu bao and watching flowers of the Killer moon.

Also feeling a bit zonked out


off to see a friend shortly, not very exciting but I will enjoy it


On train for glasgow beers. Be good to see my pals - apart from one of them who keeps trying to wind me up with edgelord shite, wouldn’t mind binning him off but only see him once in a blue moon.

Anyone ever have one of those days where every face you see is vaguely familiar? I get this a lot, particularly when heading out. Bet there’s some psychological reason behind this. Doesn’t help that central scotland is a small small world.


Fell asleep on the sofa

Gone for a lie down in bed so will inevitably be wide awake now

Talked to too many people today :face_exhaling:

Evening all :wave:

Watching the Schitt’s Creek finale (and documentary) and eating tofu paneng. (Not the best pic but still)


I’m still getting over the loss of my beloved cat, Keith. My remaining cat Lucy is very lonely I think and I’m not at home a lot so she needs a friend.

So I’m in the first stages of adopting my favourite cat from the cat cafe in my hometown. Keith is irreplaceable, but Lucy needs a friend, so hopfully Irys will be the guy to mend our broken hearts


Rollercoaster of an evening.

Went skateboarding. Did something new: down a ramp, up another and then back down fakie and then up while fakie too. So pleased with myself.

But then I jumped in the car to drive home and the car wouldn’t go into reverse and two guys had to push me out of my parking space. Now I’ve driven home and… Yeah, car won’t go into reverse and you have to reverse out of our drive :joy::joy::joy:


Still not feeling my best, but gone for a cinema sci-fi double bill - and it seems to be doing the trick

Back on my socialising plans from tomorrow though


Guess we’re not going anywhere this weekend then.

I reckon we’re going to need a fucking new car and that is literally the last thing I want to spend cash on.


Made and eaten pizza (no photos, but it was a Florentine pizza), and am now plotting our Glasgow weekend while watching TOTP on BBC4 (Pulp, Sleeper, Cypress Hill, Iron Maiden, Louise and Nick Cave & Kylie isn’t a bad line up, is it?).

Dunno what to do til bed time

(Although PJ & Duncan doing their impression of the Stereo MCs is a bit…hmm…)

TV put ‘The Creator’ on the tele; absolutely rubbish.

Drinking a herbal tea and plotting my escape.

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Just seen a mouse in the bin in our downstairs toilet. It’s crept into the wall where the toilet waste pipe goes. So that nice

Rick Stein walks like he’s worried about stepping on a land mine