Internet food trends 🥘

I prepare all my meals these days by dumping the ingredients on my kitchen island counter top, blowtorching everything 'til it’s cooked, and letting the maid clean up afterwards

+1 for dalgona coffee. I have sooooo many instagram recipe reels saved but I dunno if I’ll ever cook them even if they’re easy, I’m shit in the kitchen

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My boy, pro home cooks on YouTube, makes a lot of tik tok trend foods and has made me wanna do some.

The most I’ve made is a rice cake with peanut butter on then melted choc on and put it in the freezer. Think Hailey Bieber makes it.


I have a lot of TiffyCooks saved, she’s so good

thought the feta pasta was a solid idea but really quite bland as it was - or too homogenous anyway

think with a chilli of spice, or some citrus to lift it, it could work very well. So a good basis but needs modifying imho

Oh it’s good!!!
And enough for lunch tomorrow :yum:


I’ve got a great feta pasta recipe that ticks those boxes if you want it

That looks lush :yum:

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