Internet Lads


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I’m one of these (Web developer)

Hypertext hunks


Java Jocks

Wi-Fine Examples of Young Men

“Cor blimey get a load of that back end, internet lads”

might use this on my LinkedIn profile

Are you front or back end

theoretical answer: full stack
actual answer: I don’t do any dev anymore, just sit in meetings talking about other people doing dev

Flash Bastards


What back end languages do you know?

mostly do ASP.NET MVC so C# for all the server stuff and SQL Server for the database.

been trying to learn React, Node, Express and all that js based stuff on and off, but as I never actually do it I forget it instantly :clap:

Jel. Wish I knew so I could fix back end issues myself

I’m a front ender and haven’t learned React or Angular, pretty bad really.

obviously depends on what the whole stack you’re working with is, but unless you’re already using ASP.NET i wouldn’t learn it - we mostly only use it because we love Microsoft and must use all their stuff, and it feels a bit bloated for general stuff, works fine for enterprise type apps but i dunno, not a huge fan.

what do you use at the moment? standard js or jQuery maybe?

This seems to have turned into an actual internet lad discussion, which I don’t think was the purpose of this thread at all.

sorry, it’s just the way of us Hypertext Hunks

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Yeah vanilla JS and jquery. The CMS for our websites is built with ASP.NET.

In Microsoft news we migrated all of our hosting to Azure earlier this year which is about a million times better than the shite we were using beforehand.

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I like my threads to just take a natural course.

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Benevolent creator, that’s sweet

JavaScript Johnnys