Internet medical help

My arm’s been hurting a lot for around 2 months. Do I go to the doctor’s, or the hospital?

Thanks, internet.

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Are you ambidextrous? I would suggest wanking with the other hand for awhile, give the arm a rest.

Kidding, please seek medical attention by either your local doctor or hospital if persistant pain.

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Or you could call 111

Which is the better option? Thinking if I go to the doctor they’ll just send me to the hospital for a scan, but if I go straight to the hospital they’ll tell me I should have gone to the doctor first…

Terrible at describing pain. Like a strong ache in my forearm. Agony sometimes, less noticeable others. Worst at night and first thing.

I’ve had a lot of major injuries in my life but unless its something that’s severely debilitating pain wise, I’d always go to the local doctor first. If they diagnosis it, and feel the need for a scan or something, they will tell you to the hospital if its bad.

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what’s your grip like? is it ever weak?

i had something similar once and it turned out to be RSI

but yeah, i only found that out because i went to the doctor.

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Go to the doctors. I have no idea what the current status of drop in imaging clinics are right now but id be surprised if they were running

these literally always end up with several strangers telling you to go to the doctor, so do what everyone does and wait and see if it gets worse/still bad by friday and then think about it

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Simple philosophy, never ignore chronic pain


When you say go to hospital, do you mean A&E? Because it doesn’t sound like an emergency if it’s ongoing. The doctor may well send you to hospital get it looked at but they probably won’t tell you to go to A&E I’d have thought. This was years ago but I went to the GP about a pain in my foot, they sent me for an x-ray but i just went directly to wherever they do x-rays, no sitting around for 7 hours waiting for someone who’s been dealing with car crash victims and heart attacks all day to have a look.


Seems fine. Lifting my arm up hurts though, which is…troubling.

Made the mistake of doing this playing american football with my collarbone, wasn’t fully broken at time, just sucked it up and tried to ignore it for three weeks. Absolutely shattered it three weeks later took me 1.5 years to recover, pins placed and taken out,etc.

Like you said do not ever ignore persistant pain. Also could be an underlying issue caught early, that could be a life saver.

Sounds good to me. I’ll call the doctor in the morning, see what the current deal is with all that.


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i wouldn’t be worried, these things just happen sometimes.

remember I got tennis elbow once from the way i was sleeping and had similar symptoms.

but yeah, a doctor will put you at ease and give you treatment and or a physio plan or something.

Are you me? I have the exact same problem. Trouble lifting and gripping things too. @xcheopis said it might be a trapped nerve - it might also be RSI because of WFH from home.

Still haven’t phoned the doctor because I don’t want to be a burden on the nhs :upside_down_face:

Remember, depending on what the condition ends up being if you allow it to get worse it could end up needing more time and resources to be treated/managed than if you went and got it checked when it were a niggle :+1:t2:

Never feel like you’re a burden on the NHS thats what its there for.

Yes I was doing the same, but 2 months is a long time and I’m a bit worried now. As @anon73286315 says, you might even be more of a burden down the line.

I’ve phoned, they’re calling me back. How you diagnose an arm problem over the phone is anyone’s guess but…meh.

I know you’re right but… yeah. It’s just something I’ve always been wary of.