INTERNET OF THINGS thread (rolling)



bit creepy eh?


creepy but what else did people think a ‘smart vibrator’ was going to do?


And for the cocks amongst us:




to know what you want and when you want it



Also, loads of Alexa fail stories

when will an Alexa fail be the main plot point in a Hollywood movie? Must be one soon


Something about a inserting a trojan virus through the backdoor


High-brow pillow talk?




this is the future guys


those guys who wear waistcoats and worship eras that never existed might be on to something tbh




hey i do OCCASIONALLY wear the odd waistcoat (when i’m working) but I’d rather eat dogshit than be one of those steampunk imboseals.


separately though i’ve already figured out how to sort out voice-controlled motors for all the blinds in my house :smiley:


Using Shakespeare’s tongue, I hope?


“what light through yonder window breaks”

whirring sounds

wife files for divorce


:joy: proper chuckled at this


Really don’t get why mundane appliances need to be on the internet.

I can’t see how I would possibly benefit from having a kettle, toaster or dildo that is connected to the internet. On the other hand, some cunt somewhere is compiling a spreadsheet about how many cups of tea I have a day or how brown I like my toast.

Can someone explain to me why my THINGS should be on the INTERNET?


It all makes sense if you think that Big Data is universally A Good Thing.