Internet scammers / fake profiles

I’ve just been messaged on instagram by an attractive young woman who is apparently from Kentucky. I don’t trust anyone. But I really want to find out what this (probably hairy arsed bloke from Hull) actually wants. Should I ignore, block and move on. Or should I play along ?

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Worth investigating. She might slip you some free Hot Wings.

ok - if she asks you for some money so she can fly over and meet you it’s totally legit and you should send whatever she needs.

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yeah guessed that. I’ve already sent her my bank details.

Oh I remember that. Can’t be arsed reading all the way through though. Brief synopsis please Jezza.

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I’m reading through it now and chuckling at most of @japes’ posts. Basically, Lorie Beers wanted to take Her Wonderful Parents to Disneyland in Florida and wanted money for flights and stuff despite the fact that she lived about 2 minutes walk away from the massive castle at the centre of it.

Her childhood was captured in the recent film ‘The Florida Project’ about kids on the grift.

This was definitely fake right? I’m gonna have a hell of a guilty conscience if not :grimacing:

bless old Creaky for giving her the benefit of the doubt…

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tbf drownedinsound is the first result for “mickey mouse forums”



Was it a massive scam in the end?

[Jeremys_Iron] | 28 May '15, 15:30

A mystery I tried to solve back in 2015 it seems.


FWIW I reckon it was real, just someone very, very bad at using the internet, who had the misfortune to wind up on DiS.

Hope she got her trip.

I think I clearly misremembered that too, thought it was massively fake but creaky seems to clear things up at the end there. Hope she got her trip too. The fact that she had a virus and passed that on to creaky too adds creedence to somebody who’s bad online.

update - I just had a look at claramorgan40’s list of people she follows and it is a wall of gammon. so many middle aged men. And me. Won’t be long before she’s asking me for cash I imagine.

Play along and post it all on here

I think its over all ready. Think I’ve been rejected again :smile:

didn’t she stick around and post some other stuff for a bit? I seem to vaguely remember something about … t-shirts?

did I make that up completely? I think I might have done

Can’t remember that at all man. My memory is shocking, this was only 3 years ago.