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These lads offered me a free hat today if I bought a pair of their shoes. I think wool running shoes are impractical.

(Also I hope everyone remembers me getting three pairs of slippers for the price of one reduced pair from Geisswein back in April. Great times).


Merino Wool Knit Men: Days of Future Past


8.2 BNM

A bargain at 129 quid

Oh these are from the Tirol and they sell them and the slippers at tourist information places. The slippers are a traditional thing. Wooly shoes and Swarovski stuff are the big local products. It’s a… look.

Swarovski have a weird grotto type tourist attraction up on a mountain above Innsbruck too.

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I got these chinos because my sister wanted the top for Christmas and the postage would’ve been almost as much as the chinos if I didn’t spend enough to qualify for free postage.

Not enough wool or Swarovski crystals. You’re making the Innsbruck tourist board sad. At least buy some fancy ham.

Woah, hit me up with any sweet geisswein slipper deals in future please.

Mine wear out too quickly because of totally destroyed feet and gait.

It wasn’t a deal as such…

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Nothing says Swiss evil lair more than this