Interpol - Marauder

Scheduled for 8.15 but came on around 9.

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Danke schön!

Manchester tonight. NYSMAW is one of their best for ages, no ?


Last night was incredible, I didn’t think this band still effected me so much. I got to meet them afterwards and I couldn’t help just being a total fawning fanboy


I still really enjoy them live, even most of the new stuff. Just on record from 4th album onwards, I find them really grating to listen to.

Going to see them in Manchester tonight! I’ve never seen them before - excited :smiley:

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You got the best setlist too! Yes know what you mean- just love them so much. Leif still floors me every time. I think I have managed to have one sensible conversation with them over 15 years of shows :grinning: (to Daniel about playing The New again).

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It’s Ok but I like a lot of songs on El Pintor more.

Not seen the Apollo that full in ages. Was a surprise really, given they did TOBTL at Albert Hall. Lovely stuff.

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If they do an Antics anniversary tour they should call it the Antics Roadshow

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saw they’re also playing SWG3 in Glasgow which is tiny for them

I’d assumed it’d be the galvanised yard@swg3 where LCD played last year but I could be wrong.


oh that’s a good shout

The sound at that was a bit crap

yeah it is that. apparently 4,000 capacity though? £50 a go.

£50? Bloody hell.

NYSMAW is a belter.

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Also reckon OLTA is a better album than Antics, production aside.

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