Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights at 15


Had the pleasure of revisiting it this week to write this celebration of it. Hopefully did it justice. It’s probably my favourite album. Can’t decide what my favourite track on it is. Probably PDA. You?


Put this on at work yesterday!

For me its Stella. Something about that song gets to me every time



Likewise at least towards the top of my favourites pile. Favourite song? Maybe The New? It all just works so well together - an astonishing debut.

I had tickets for the London show but can no longer go :sweat_smile:

Speaking of anniversaries, though: I’m a bit sad that the reissue of Our Love To Admire they’re pushing atm has zero outtakes, b-sides or anything. If ever an album could benefit from a glimpse behind the curtain of its creation it’s that. Hey ho.


Obstacle 1, closely followed by Untitled


i was really surprised they bothered reissuing that one, given how little they play from it live and all. though they did resurrect Pioneer to the Falls when i saw them touring the last album, which was nice.

Antics hasn’t even had a reissue yet has it?


only really liked Untitled. Everything else was alright, but done way better elsewhere. They sound constipated.


Leif Eriksen. Perfect closer and their best song imo.

Love how most of the lyrics on the album are just absolutely ridiculous but he sings them with such seriousness that it leaves me thinking ‘am i just a bit stupid and have i missed a deeper meaning…oh no no, i’m pretty certain that’s an absurd lyric but this song is fucking great anyway!’


Obstacle 2. The chord shift after the second chorus and the bass taking over at the end. Fucking class. I also spent a lot of my teenage years after that came out wondering if he was singing really profound things that I didn’t really get, or if he was just singing random absurd stuff that sounded cool. As FG says, it’s probably the latter, but fuck it, what a great album. Can’t believe it’s 15 years old.


PDA because rarely has such an overlooked piece of hardware received a great song about it.


Untitled is just the perfect opener


i really like the bit in the chorus of Obstacle 2 when the two different vocal parts harmonise with each other on a couple of words. lovely.


6/10 record really isn’t it


A very front-loaded album, though the front spills over into the middle


both of you (@ericthefourth) OUT


Just kidding. Reckon 8.5/10 though


it is a perfect album, I can’t wait to see it live in a couple weeks


most underrated album


I always preferred Antics but this has Stella and NYC on it so it’s still great.

Although according to the guardian the album is dead and we should all listen to music curated by fucking idiots


Obstacle 2
The groove is utterly hypnotic, there was a good few years where I’d listen to that song every day at least once where possible.


Fantastic at Route du Rock. Any DISers around?