Interpunct Appreciation Thead

Let’s hear it for the interpunct, the most underrated of punctuation marks. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from years of Japanese study, it’s the value that this tiny gem can bring to the written form.

I sometimes think about devouring my life to a cause and achieving good in the world, and I think I’ve finally cracked it.

Will you help me give the interpunct new purpose in the English language?

Start today!

It is scientifically proven that in long lists commas are ugly, often confusing, and they’re clearly the most greedy of all punctuation marks. So let’s make a commitment to, where appropriate, separating items in lists (especially long or stand-alone ones) through use of the interpunct. Watch your example spreads through your organisation as all see the light.

If you can think of other good uses why not share them here?

Compare and contrast - look how clean and sharp those lists look!

Send to: wileycat, Wileycat House, 1st Floor, Study

Send to: wileycat · Wileycat House · 1st Floor · Study

Could you please get me eggs, wholemeal bread, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, and a roll of sellotape.

Could you please get me: eggs · wholemeal bread · soy sauce · white wine vinegar · roll of sellotape.

Sarah, Alison, Joseph, Klaudia, Arthur, Gemma

Sarah · Alison · Joseph · Klaudia · Arthur · Gemma

Now admittedly you do sometimes have to sacrifice a bit of grammatical integrity to do this, but I might be able to solve that with tweaking and it is worth it for the clarity and orderliness the interpunct brings.

Are you with me?

  • Let’s · Do · This!
  • I am afraid of change and also boring and wrong

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It looks good with the people’s names

Cba with the rest

It’s so classy


In Greek the interpunct is used instead of a semicolon, which itself is used instead of a question mark. I actually had no idea what it was used for in English.

I’m on the fence. You do sound quite convincing but I fear marking myself as an outsider so will weight until the balance tips in wider society before supporting you on this/

Alright, Lou Bega


Be a pioneer, @eems

p · i · o · n · e · e · r

When they start making keyboards with the interpunct as an essential key, don’t you want to be able to say “I made that happen”?

Is there an easy keyboard shortcut for an interpunct?


Yes, I enjoy to see Ashton Kutcher pull practical jokes on his celebrity friends, thanks for asking


Can the interpunct be this year’s interrobang‽

F · R · I · E · N · D · S

You know what, I haven’t tried as I always flick to my Japanese keyboard, but now that I’m computing myself to using it at work I better check. Google suggests Alt + 0183 but out at the moment so can’t verify.

Delighted by the number on board at the moment. Look forward to you reporting back on how it is working out for you.




Just checking in to see how everyone is getting on. I hope you all still have unwavering commitment to this project.

I’ve just interpuncted a whole load of keywords. Looks lovely. Each word instantly clear, readability untainted by the messy comma.