Intervals, intermissions and breaks

When you’re at a thing that has an interval, intermission or a break what do you do during it?

I tend to remain seated.

Mill about usually.

Does going to the bar between bands at gigs count?

go for a piss, maybe get a pint


go for a wee, get some more wine


Afraid not

Stretch my legs, get a drink, maybe treat myself to a piss.

Go to the loo. Moan about the fact that invariably they’re charging about £4 for one of those tiny bottles of coke, and that they only have regular/diet, not zero.

But what is that if it’s not an interval?

I demand a recount.

Use the opportunity to eat a bag of noisy sweets.


How long is the interval? How long are the acts? Probably cigarette, wee and a pint, in that order

Show - Toilet and alcohol
Football - Stand up and stretch my legs but stay by my seat
Conference - Quick rush to the tea & coffee and then stand outside the building getting some fresh air and avoiding conversation

have a poo


Big ol’ slash

It’s quite nice when you know the interval is coming up so you leave your seat about 10 seconds before and then beat the massive queue for the toilet.

Dunno, just a bit between some things

Make love

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Intervals, intermissions and intercourse