Intervention thread: Petagno's italics



How do feel about @Petagno using italics for every post?

A poll will reveal the truth, and the results of the poll will dictate the action taken in future.

  • It’s fine and he can carry on
  • It’s annoying and he should stop it

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Stop posting in italics

My answer is:

He can continue if he likes and I will continue to completely ignore his posts.


I want to know why, ffs


To provoke responses like this, presumably.


More annoyed that it’s Petagno not Pentago tbh. Sounds like he/she has a cold…(if it’s Pentago).


is he alright though?


Yeah I think this and the name change is just a way to whine about the new forum. It’s not really worth making a big deal about. This is ‘breastfuck’ for the new boards, I suppose.