Interview etiquette

The girls here are interviewing today. The first two people both turned up 35 minutes early.

Bit mad that, isn’t it? I’d usually aim for 15 minutes early, to show willing. Any earlier and I’d just sit in the car/wait nearby.

These people just look like dicks.

5 mins early for me. any earlier and you’re just irritating the interviewer.

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Yeah. The marketing girls are visibly peeved (although I think they’re also concerned they’ve told everyone the wrong times).

10 minutes late.

Have they travelled far? We’ve had candidates come from down south or whatever - I think it’s fair enough if they’ve had a 3 hour train ride to let them come in early and relax with a coffee.


Anything goes.

This always makes me laugh: (click for full:)


is the joke that it’s cut-off?

Aw bums. Give it a click.

oh i see now