Interview interrupted by kids

actually funny this

probably been a thread


No, don’t think so, never seen it


Oh my fucking word

Man marries kid. A kid is the name of a baby goat. Thank you.


strong work, jeremy

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I said this wasn’t funny initially but I like it when the baby comes in of its own accord

Just sick of BBC wanking over it

The older kid waltzing in flapping his/her arms is perfect

funny how if you miss a piece of news for a day the whole world considers you a piece of human garbage now.

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Miss a piece of news for a day and you’re considered garbage by the world.
Miss a piece of news for two days and some other garbage is being considered by the world.

Actually find that clip quite bleak.

A guy feels obliged to push his kids away on live telly and then apologise for their presence as if he’s embarrassed by them, when they just wanna play or whatever, cos he’s all about the rah rah rah to do with some old SERIOUS GROWN UP bullshit that has been elevated to a wholly undue level of relevance compared to giving his lovely kids the time of day.

Sad times. Could have popped the kid on his knee, styled it out, and carried on like a hero, nae bother.


I mean yeah, that would be great but he just went in to ‘omg panic what do I do look calm’ mode which most people would.

Enjoyed the people trying to be right on about it and saying ‘think of the nanny cause she might lose her job!’ When actually they just outed themselves as massive racists because it’s his wife.



Probably just saw his career flashing infront of him and panicked.

Either way let’s not be miserable cunts and pretend this isn’t massively funny.


the first time i saw this clip it was just the shot of the dad the whole time, whacking the kid, but then ^that one appeared a short while after, edited to cut to the news desk as he’s battering the kids. in an attempt to lighten it up i guess.

still funny, like.

:grinning: ^This reads like it belongs in that albatross killed with an ice knife thread. (Which I read top to bottom in a series of three very enjoyable sittings.)


She’s too rough and manic with them. Did not enjoy


I agree entirely. No need to freak out that hard. Why didn’t he just turn around, either? Like, just acknowledge your kids, figure it out and crack on after. Not a fun watch.

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Maybe, just maybe people have spent the last 72 watching and analysing something that happened over 10 seconds in a pressurised situation. Maybe, just maybe people should have laughed at what is a funny video and left it at that. Just sayin’