Interview interrupted by kids

Or we’re all racist for assuming that’s a nanny, idk


Well yeah, it is decontextualised and gives no real insight into the guy or his family. But when I first watched it I did feel like it was a bit off. Maybe I’m just wicked humourless, it’s definitely a possibility.

Have we had a guardian think piece on this because I need to know what it MEANS

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Why did they even bother commissioning* her for that? Jeez

*or whatever it’s called

Fire up the heavy handed satire thread


There’s 10 background moments in 45 seconds. It’s Zucker Abrahams Zucker on speed.

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Re: “…he panicked…” etc

Yup. And i wasn’t really criticising him (or her*) upthread, as such. Their reactions aren’t particularly unexpected or ‘wrong’. It was more that the kids provide a peek behind an unnecessary curtain of pomposity.

*the notion of her being a nanny hadn’t even entered my head. Because I’m not a Tory.

I mean if you’re assuming it’s a nanny you should probably examine why, tbh

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Yeah that’s what I was referring to. TBH @elthamsmateowen I saw it as more of a judgement on him than her

When I saw the clip after finding it very funny, i did think it could be his wife given it stated at the beginning of the interview he was based in S.Korea and a Korean political expert but I did also think it could be the nanny. I new there would be controversy about this.
But can you help your initial reaction/thought it is usually based on what is most common or portrayed to be the most common outcome by the media, if you left your mind open to every possibility wouldn’t it make simple day to day life very difficult?

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Exactly, there is perhaps some institutional racism going on in people’s reactions I guess. But I mean although blurry, the kids do look mixed race, which is fine but that still doesn’t mean the “nanny” is also Korean if it’s not the mother (in fact it’s pretty likely), also her manic reaction seems to me to be someone who’s responsible for the kids but aren’t their own. But whatever let’s go back to laughing at those kids steamin in just to have a total “yer da” reaction of being pushed away at face level


I just assumed she was kidnapping them.


Imagine that :joy:

Must say, this and bagelgate in the space of a couple weeks has cheered me up in terms of getting back to when Britishness was hilarious rather than ugly and xenophobic

I did love it, imagine a big important interview and your kid comes in dancing halfway through!, 'Ok I can contain this not a big problem…whats this my other kid loose in the room as well!, oh go on might as well complete the set and have the whole family in here!

Is the wife dragging the kid along the floor out the door at the end?