Interview stories

I said in that other thread that I somehow managed to get a second interview, they want me to spend half a day writing an interactive web app. I’m not sure that I’ll bother, they haven’t even told me what the package (lol) would be. Is that sort of thing normal now? It would be a good place but I’ve googled their names and they seem insufferable.

Tell me some interview stories please, like how much effort you’ve had to put in and stuff so that I can judge if I’m being lazy/unreasonable.

Someone I know went out the fire escape after an interview once and set the fire alarm off :smiley:

Oh chat: permitted.

That’s not an interview, that’s work.


That’s kind of how i see it, could I do it and charge them? They want the code on github lol.

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Remember one really bad one where at the end they asked the standard what do you need to work/improve on question and I said “interviews”. Ahhh, how we laughed! And you know what? I did not get the job


I did around a half day task for my current job, they said it should take around 2 hours but it took me longer (either because I was more thorough :nerd: or, more likely, slacked off more than I should have :sleeping:)

No, I haven’t, that’s a good point, although I suspect that there won’t be anything about them there yet.

I had about four interviews for my current job one involved a 2 hour technical exam and the other involved being interviewed by the head of my department about theoretical task that involved a sorting algorithm.

I kind of took it as just good bants though because I didn’t think I’d get the job anyway.

Flat out worst one was an “interview” for a reporting job on the Yorkshire Post. Had to travel to Leeds from south Wales, and it turned out the interview was actually an entire day spent on the news desk, rewriting press releases handed to me by a bored looking news editor, who was about the only person who actually deigned to speak to me all day. About 5pm I went for an actual interview with the editor, where he told me a couple of minutes in that they’d actually prefer a fully qualified senior reporter, a level I couldn’t reach for another 18 months, so the entire day had been an utter waste except for them to get a few sidebars of their pretentious rag filled.

Did I mention that all this took place on my birthday?


The place itself is newish but not a start up and I don’t think it would be dodgy at all. It’s a new museum/art gallery. The people though do come across as a bit start up, if I could put it that way, as in technology seems to be their lives.

Don’t know if this is just anecdotal fluff, but I’ve seen hypothetical questions happen in more and more interviews. I fucking hate them.

Got asked at a recent interview what I would do in a scenario where “two members of my team were arguing in a meeting about the best way forward on a project”. That was it, all the information they could give. Bear in mind I’ve got no management experience and the interviewers were well aware of it. Managed to get the job but I still resent this approach.

My partner had a worse one with the HMRC where they asked her what she would do if someone called asking for information she didn’t know. After giving her answer of speaking with colleagues/management, the interviewer said “well, yes, but couldn’t you also look at the staff intranet?” Except they didn’t say before the question started that there even was a fucking intranet.

Not really an interview story:

I was interviewed for the job as an insolvency accountant.

The partner called me early evening to offer me the job as I waited at Paddington for my train home. I was unimpressed by the firm but, crucially, did not want to be an insolvency practitioner, even before the interview, so treated the interview as a bit for practise. Plus, it meant I got to visit Canary Wharf for the first time ever.

He spent a good twenty minutes trying to persuade me. He just about maintained his dignity although was close to swearing a couple of times. I have no idea what he thought his remonstrating would achieve.

“Yeh, sure, you seem like a reasonable guy. What time on Monday?”

Group interviews too. Fuck them. Had one for Game where they had 15 of us sit cross legged on the shop floor with no air con during the hottest day of a summer. Three minutes in and people were visibly pouring with sweat. Going round in a circle they asked us their questions one by one, so it didn’t need to be a group interview but they wanted to save on the time. If I wasn’t desperate back then I would have walked out before the end of it.

literally cut an interview short because it was going so badly. said something like ‘Yeah, I think this isn’t really for me - thanks for your time’ and got up and left leaving them looking completely bewildered. never have I felt more free. was a bit like Peep Show when Mark jumps out the window before the presentation ‘I COULD JOIN AL-QAEDA!’

My brother once went to a group interview for a job at Urban Outfitters, he got asked what he thought was important about diversity and replied: “Diversity - an old, old wooden ship?” to absolute deafening silence from everyone.

He still got the job because he’s a handsome fuck.

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this is kind of what I want to do but it won’t have the same impact via email

you also have to hope that you’ll never bump into them again (difficult if you’re looking for jobs in the same industry I guess)

not too likely, they’re absolutely miles away but then who knows, what with the internet and all these days

I had an interview with Mumsnet of all places, for an internship doing press things. I thought it was going OK, they asked if I was happy to work in a predominantly female workplace, I said ‘well, I’ve got three sisters, I’m used to it’, which I thought was fairly charming.

Anyway, last question, one of them asked ‘If I had a magic wand, what would job could I magic you into in 10 years?’. I was 21 at the time, just graduated, was applying for any job which sounded vaguely interesting. I paused for a bit, said ‘oh that’s a good question’, paused a bit longer, and then when i realised that the thinking silence had gone on too long, said ‘probably a professional swimmer’. To this day, I have no idea where that answer came from.

Didn’t get the position.


years ago i had an interview for a shit admin job at a local authority

the interview was scheduled for last thing on a friday afternoon which already set off alarm bells for how interested they were in speaking to me and how much the interview panel probably wanted to end their own life by that point on a friday

after they asked the first question i noticed that they weren’t even bothering to look at me as i was giving my answers, clearly not giving a shit what i was saying

after 15minutes or so of this excruciating back and forth they asked if i had any questions, i reached for a glass of water to buy a bit of time to think of literally anything to ask and proceeded to knock both the glass and the remaining jug of water all over the desk, their papers and into both their laps

i profusely apologised but they just kinda looked at me with silent simmering rage

they then tried to clean up the mess with those awful paper towels you used to get in primary schools that don’t actually absorb water but just kinda move it around. after 5 or so minutes of them trying to mop up in stoney-faced silence i just saw myself out

didn’t get the job obviously…