Interviews (not jobs)

Apart from job/uni/professional interviews, have you ever been interviewed?

I was once interviewed by the police after an incident on a night out in my home town. I have never been interviewed by a journo.

Fishplums interviewed me about the league cup final last season

I had a policemen come into my flat and take my statement about a murder in a nearby flat (my statement was that I knew nothing about it)

Can’t think of any other times I’ve been interviewed. I would quite like to be the subject of an indepth feature in a glossy magazine - the kind that also doubles as a fashion shoot and they list all the clothes I’m wearing and how much they cost.

police a bunch of times. somewhere there’s a video of my nu-metal band being interviewed in the bathroom of a venue in southampton which i’ve never seen because cringe, obviously.

I was interviewed on Saturday by a writer who’s working on a book about the early 2000s live music scene in London. I was interviewed for a documentary about 1960s band The Sonics. Alexis Petridis interviewed me once for a piece in the Guardian about garage rock. I’ve been interviewed by various fanzines/webzines and (or maybe including) Artrocker. And, of course, by the police over untrue allegations which eventually went to court, after which I was (obviously!) found not guilty.


Yes, by someone doing research about my line of work. This isn’t a particularly interesting response, sorry.

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I would thoroughly enjoy that too. With big pull quotes saying unbearably pretentious things like “Sometimes I just wish I could get away from it all and live on an oil rig somewhere”


“Tim flicks some dust from his knee in a fastidious manner, sighs deeply, then fixes me with a steely gaze”


He’s had one of the most drastic transformations in his byline picture recently. He went from looking quite twee, all cardigans and quiffs, to a bruiser in one swift change.

I randomly got interview by either an Icelandic blog or news station whilst attending ATP Iceland, probably because I was one of the few people who wasn’t running for shelter when the rain came down on the first day

I was interviewed over email about a mobile phone app I made last year.

I also got asked a few questions by a camera crew after an advance showing of Hot Fuzz at the cinema, just stuff like what I thought, what I liked etc. no idea if it got used anywhere, doubt it given I swore a lot iirc.

Was in a band and had a 30 minute interview for some radio station in Stockport.

When it aired they just cut one of you saying 'Yeah we all listen to (whatever the tinpot station was called)"

Great story.

Police a few times. An industry magazine requested one a few months ago, I politely declined.

“Billy interrupts my question to call over the waiter. He’d like his egg to be slightly runnier. He’s good-natured, but firm with his request. This is clearly a man who knows what he wants and how to get it.”

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I always used to do those magazine style interviews with my mum


We contacted SenorDingDong, but he refused to comment on the matter.

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Only by a policeman who was a bit awful/dumb.

Him: So she hit you over the head with a glass bottle then punched you in the face, did that hurt?
Me: errr

Yeah living in my area it’s quite common to just get interviewed on the street for some blog or other.
Last time was outside Old St station, someone with a camera asked me if harassment was a female’s fault if they dressed suggestively. Obviously cut him a new one.


AVP is a good un, he took some pictures for a best coast review i did once. was meant to be meeting him to say hello beforehand but didnt get chance and then i had to run off for the train afterwards. never mind.

ive never been interviewed but ive interviewed a pal about his album. its really hard and i was weirdly nervous. turned out ok though, but this was two years ago now and ive not interviewed anyone else since, so make of that what you will

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A few times.

Once by a lawyer after a kid at Scouts broke his leg while playing one of the games I was running. There was this whole pending litigation thing and it got messy but the Scouting Org managed to win in the end. Was strange. Felt very accusatory.

Once when working as a student in The Link (yeah, remember that place?) I sold a guy a wired digital camera attachment for the Nokia 7210. It was £80 or something and he paid on a credit card. A few weeks later the cops came and told me it was a stolen card. Interviewed me about if I’d checked the signature thoroughly (I had) etc etc. Thought nothing of it until a year later a solicotr for the guy who was caught came in and asked me to confirm all my statement. Christ If I could man. I was all ready to go to court before he then admitted it infront of the jury and got sent down. Didn’t have to say anything.

And finally was interviewed after I came back from Texas as part of the graduate scheme. Was good. Ended up in some magazine somewhere.