Interviews (not jobs)

was it by that basketball court

A few times by police, a few music interviews.

When i was dead young I thought music interviews would be great to do. In reality I just can’t be arsed with them.

dunno. maybe. A gross patch of grass covered in broken things. I’ve not been round that way in a long time.

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I was vox popped outside Victoria station the day after the 7/7 bombings, and again by some German news channel next to Nelson Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square the day he died. I am confident neither interview aired, due to my utterly uninteresting contributions to each debate.

Police, twice.

Journalist types, not sure but a fair bit. Favourite interviewing is for radio.

And I guess for houseshares, is that an interview? Kind of.

Got interviewed by local TV leaving a Bruce Springsteen gig. Unclear if I ever made it to air.

Interviewer: “what makes Bruce so special?”
Cosh: “… Because he’s The Boss!”
Cosh’s drunk cousin (who would have no recollection of the event next morning): “what’s going on? Can we get more pints now? Does she have a carry out?”

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much of my internal monologue is me imagining i’m answering some kind of interview question.

other than that no.


I’m very glad to hear you’re (hopefully) providing a lead on catching this scum.

My only regret is it robs me of the joke response to

“They were looking happy in Croydon” :wink:

Ah well…

All of these reprobates should check in, I guess :wink:

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I know there’s a safety wink, but I’m actually quite protective of my home town. But then again I am a miserable sod.

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Awww, I always wanted to do one of these.

Sorry man. It was actually a beautiful day the one time I went

@ericVI said he’d resurrect it

Its fine and anyway Ben’s lyrics would have been totally different without it.

Actually you sure that wasn’t the Croydon in Melbourne?

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I was once interviewed on BBC radio ulster about archeology. I made a joke about being decapitated and everyone laughed. 10/10


I once sat on a panel of experts in front of an audience of about 10 people for an evening event about community energy and the person chairing it seemed to think of himself as some kind of environmental David Dimbleby and really overdid his performance.

I was interviewed twice for different articles about the book club I set up in Newcastle. They appeared in issues of the same magazine about three years apart.

I’ve been interviewed by low-level local media because of bands I’ve been in. I always struggle to give a sensible answer though; I interview lots of bands myself and most musicians are incredibly boring (or at least, it’ can be very difficult to draw them out onto interesting topics, especially when they’re promoting something specific) so when the shoe is on the other foot I try to be as entertaining as possible.

I bet it’s really, really annoying.

Oh, just remembered, that I was on someone’s show on Boogaloo Radio a while back. But it felt more like a conversation than an interview, although questions were asked during the show.