Interviews (not jobs)

been interviewed a fair bit for various music magazines over the years, did a live radio interview on BBC Scotland last year, it’s surprisingly difficult to stop yourself from accidentally saying fuck or bugger when you really need to


Got voxpopped once outside Farringdon Station. It was about something like “Should we allow other nations to develop nuclear weapons” or some shit. Just had a rant at them instead about how I wasn’t qualified to answer that question, that it was a stupid question to ask random members of the general public and I refused to answer it. Can’t imagine that got used, whatever it was for.


This morning by a policewoman regards a report I made last May with a description of a man and a car number plate, acting suspiciously around a cat.

I’m hoping they’ve got a lead on that cat killer.

Andy Vine Press?

How were they acting suspiciously?

I should qualify this.

The kid was a cunt, I explained the rules, and it was safe. He just acted like a prick and hurt himself. The issue was that the parents were going on holiday and it cost them their holiday. they wanted the money back on our insurance. Safe to say, it was obvious that he was a cunto.


should’ve just said yeah
and if they’re like ooh but such and such country just been like yeah, sounds good. more the merrier.

I mean the way the existential threat of nuclear attacks act as a deterrent works basically entails as many countries having them as possible anyway Mutually assured destruction!

Sorry this is turning into another interview!

Fuck - if you end up being the person who leads to this person getting caught then you’ll be an absolute hero. (And you’ll get a £10,000 reward to boot)

Vehicle pulls up, and guy lures cat out with meat, sees me and drive off. Bit weird, and round my way there have been a lot of cat killings.

I was interviewed live on local radio when I was a kid. My Nan had organised a charity day which was run from her back garden and got us grandchildren to man all the stalls (I was on the tombola). Because she was a regular caller to local radio she managed to convince them to come down and broadcast live updates of the event on the day.

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Nah what I should’ve said was “Voxpops have ruined more lives than nuclear bombs. Discuss”

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I’m going to have to google image him now to see for myself. He was twee indie type when I last met him face to face but that was a good decade ago (which was the last time I was remotely interesting to anyone).

That is suspicious, and you got the plate too? I’m just reading the wikipedia page for it, it’s over 400 cats, horrible. (presuming you’re talking about Croydon?)

Hoping so, there was another siting two roads away from where I live at the weekend, where someone actually took a cat away, they apparently got a number plate too.

I interview people more than I get interviewed.

I remember sitting on some horrible patch of grass near brick lane once years ago and some stereotype of a camera crew was going around asking loads of people questions but they didn’t ask me or my friends. rejected.

Good work. I would advocate a full life term for this person, it’s so, so awful : (

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Yes mainly Croydon/Caterham, but it’s all over the place now.

go and have a look at his photography, its dead good