Interviews (not jobs)

I’m a journalist, so it’s usually me doing the interview.

However, I have also been interviewed a few times. I think footage of me being interviewed by Andy Crane on shortlived Manchester tv station Channel M might even still exist on the internet somewhere. Also, I once made the front page of a Norwegian newspaper called the Harstaadt Tidende.

Did you see a bear while rowing across a lake? A friend in Sweden made the front page of a newspaper, with photograph of the swimming bear.

I’m afraid I didn’t see any bears. I simply visited Harstad, which is enough to get you in the Harstad Tidende, apparently.


I’ve only ever been to Bergen in Norway. I expect they receive more than enough foreign visitors for it to not be newsworthy.

was it by that basketball court

A few times by police, a few music interviews.

When i was dead young I thought music interviews would be great to do. In reality I just can’t be arsed with them.

dunno. maybe. A gross patch of grass covered in broken things. I’ve not been round that way in a long time.

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I was vox popped outside Victoria station the day after the 7/7 bombings, and again by some German news channel next to Nelson Mandela’s statue in Parliament Square the day he died. I am confident neither interview aired, due to my utterly uninteresting contributions to each debate.

Police, twice.

Journalist types, not sure but a fair bit. Favourite interviewing is for radio.

And I guess for houseshares, is that an interview? Kind of.

Got interviewed by local TV leaving a Bruce Springsteen gig. Unclear if I ever made it to air.

Interviewer: “what makes Bruce so special?”
Cosh: “… Because he’s The Boss!”
Cosh’s drunk cousin (who would have no recollection of the event next morning): “what’s going on? Can we get more pints now? Does she have a carry out?”

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much of my internal monologue is me imagining i’m answering some kind of interview question.

other than that no.


I’m very glad to hear you’re (hopefully) providing a lead on catching this scum.

My only regret is it robs me of the joke response to

“They were looking happy in Croydon” :wink:

Ah well…

All of these reprobates should check in, I guess :wink:

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I know there’s a safety wink, but I’m actually quite protective of my home town. But then again I am a miserable sod.

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Awww, I always wanted to do one of these.

Sorry man. It was actually a beautiful day the one time I went

@ericVI said he’d resurrect it

Its fine and anyway Ben’s lyrics would have been totally different without it.

Actually you sure that wasn’t the Croydon in Melbourne?

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I was once interviewed on BBC radio ulster about archeology. I made a joke about being decapitated and everyone laughed. 10/10