intolerable foods

I’m not 40 yet!

Shellfish/Sea fruits

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Since when do mushrooms smell of cum?

Cooked apple (in a pie or crumble)

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Lactose intolerable


Finished my pack of Asda “Coconut” flavour porridge yesterday. Never been so relieved. The flavour wasn’t an issue (didn’t actually have one, just tasted of sugar) I just fucking hated everything else about it. Who wants to eat a bowl of warm slop first thing in the morning not me.


On Tuesday 24th September 2019 I put salt on it and it made it easier to swallow.


I put quite a bit of salt in mine :blush:
Don’t see why people don’t like their oats savoury


Something about tomato skins that don’t sit well with me but if they’re there they’re eaten

Look at your spelling of Weetabix and go and think about in the corner of the room for 7.3 seconds


Sounds absolutely maverick
I’ve never had one :frowning:

Only realised recently that oats are eatable even if you don’t turn them into porridge
Not sure how that passed me by to be honest

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Read about ten posts and you guys are all wrong


Yeah, artichoke. WTF is that about?

Fucking hate porridge

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since always

sometimes you eat egg sandwiches twice a day?! :open_mouth:

it’s really a chore to get through isn’t it

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Mushrooms cooked in a sauce so they absorb the flavour and become little slices of concentrated wonder - yes.

Mushrooms fried on their own with no other accompaniments so that they taste of damp soil and slug mucous - no.

I like eating cardboard just as much as the next man, but a big chunk of it thats Weetabix sized? No thanks kermie

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