intolerable foods

only ever encountered them on a pizza tbh

you can still tell they’ve been there tainting it even when you remove them.

getting there and their wrong a lot lately, think my brain is going


would you eat a pizza with buttered mini weetabix on it?

maybe? probably.

Think butter and melted cheese are a bad combination so maybe dry weetabix would be better

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fuck you, im the chef here

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What I’m saying is that Weetabix taste of cardboard and I’m not trying it. Sorry x


that would be awful

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think as you get older you like ketchup less and less

burnt toast. Some people like it apparently

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Last night I put two quorn fillets in the microwave for ten minutes. Unbelievable. Couldn’t even get through them with a steak knife. Ended up picking them up and eating them like they were a rogue part from a car manufacturers.


i had pop tarts and spaghetti hoops once. i don’t know why. it was fine. probably a personal low point, but fine


blueberry fwiw


I don’t give a shit about what I eat on my own. Was considering just eating peas frozen as a side dish.

can you eat frozen peas?

I think my best effort was a double decker dipped in strawberry yogurt

Yeah probably. Just swallow them. All I care about is not being hungry anymore.

imagine a world where you have tried more than five sauces and also own them!

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This would be a good thread.

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do they still do that weird techbro fake food smoothie thing that is all you need to eat for a week in one shake or something?