Introducing cats and dogs without immediate drama



starting to increasingly want a pupper. Likely a lab. Obv slightly unsure as to the situation with the two cats i.e. are they going to fucking lose it or be chill etc.

Anyone running a dog and cat family here? Let’s talk. Let me buy you dinner. Let’s chew the fat. Idk help me.




My folks have done this recently and I grew up with a dog and 2 cats. It works quite well but you do need to keep them seperate for a bit while they get used to each other.

Parent’s puppy seems to think that the 12 year old cat wants to play all the time so the dog will chase the cat around. Reintegrate gradually and they’ll be Disney best friends before you know it.




We had 2 cats when my mum and dad got their puppy. One was an older cat (about 10) who had been around since she was pretty much a kitten (although she had a bad previous life and was pretty small and minging but had built up her confidence) and a younger boy cat who was probably about 5 and a bit aloof anyway.

They got the puppy and the older cat and the dog got along ok but largely just ignored each other. Sometimes she’d swipe the dog if she got too close. The other cat though was TERRIFIED of the puppy. The puppy just wanted to sniff the cat but the cat would end up being so scared and pinned up against the wall.

So that cat just left one day. He’d come back every week for a night or two so they just thought he was a bit of a free spirit.

A few months pass and my mum gets a call from the vet to say someones bought the cat in. It was a young couple who thought the cat belonged to the lady next door cause they saw the old lady feeding it. But that old lady had died and the cat kept turning up and crying so they let him in and started feeding it. They thought they’d best get it checked that it was ok and they scanned the chip and thats when they found out it was my mums cat. The lady called my mum and was DISTRAUGHT. She had completely fallen in love with the cat so my mum let her have him. His name is now Sam. He was always Alf the Mouth cause he’s holler when he was coming home.

so yeah thats my cat and dog mix story


I’ve just about convinced the gf a dog would be a fine addition to the household but the trouble we have is that our cat sort of lives with us part time. We’re afraid if we introduced a big dumb dog into the equation he’d just move out.


something like this maybe


shit. this is exactly what i’m worried about. cotton is in love with the entire world but candy is a proper scaredy cat :confused:


Would really like a dog but I guess you have to have someone at home throughout the day to look after it which makes it impossible.


yeah we wouldn’t be considering it if one of us wasn’t wfh


I really want them to get a kitten now because the other cat died and my mum has always been a cat person and now she’s a dog person and it’s just weird. She’s always hated dogs and thought they smelled and hated the mess and now she wears wellington boots and has a dog walking coat. MY MOTHER. IN WELLIES. I can’t believe it.


i am a cat person first but repeated exposure to labradors has totally melted my heart


They smell. And they’re such hard work.

Can’t see myself ever getting one.


eh. labs are pretty clean tbh. spaniels reek. different dogs for different…needs.


Spaniel’s don’t actually smell cause they have hair instead of fur. That’s why people with allergies are more likely to be ok with them than labs. Labs shed their hair a lot cause it’s short. And that leads to SMELLS.


mate spaniel breath could strip wallpaper


My parents dog is a Spaniel! Her breath is actually ok but she just stinks cause she loves to swim in manky rivers.


i think i have extreme prejudice against spaniel breath thanks to an ex who had 3. oscar, the littlest, could induce retching from just sort of panting in the same room for a couple of minutes, little sod.


You might have that situation where the dog’s so daft it thinks the cat is its mum.


i would want this to be real forever tbh