Introducing cats and dogs without immediate drama


Adaptil (for dogs) and feliway (for cats)! Genuinely amazing stuff. Adaptil is a synthetic version of the pheremone a mum gives off to her puppies and feliway replicates when cats rub their faces on stuff and marks their territory as “safe”. You can get plug ins or concentrated sprays of both and you can use them both at the same time. Amazon is cheaper than a pet shop and I think their websites are pretty good for other info :dog: :cat:


kermit you hero!






Any time! My friend does training on dog and cat behaviour for the pet shop I used to work at so I can send her a message if you want any more info or tips :slight_smile:


thanks so much and i’ll def hit you up as we get closer to P-day


Can really depend on the breed of dog. Don’t get anything known for a high prey drive, such as a sighthound or a husky.

Other options:

  • Adopt a dog which has already lived with cats.
  • Get a puppy and hope for the best.
  • Sack off the cats in favour of the superior dog.


def gonna be a pup. def want a lab so better check they’re not murdering bastards?


adaptil worked wonders for our dog’s separation anxiety when she was a pup and my parents’ dog’s general anxiety after she had a stroke last year so if you decide to go for it then do what kermy sez


too many dogs about as it is tbh. You should be part of implementing my 1 in 50 dog and 1 in 30 cat rule. You’re either with me or against me


I don’t know much about labs, so yeah check the breed characteristics.


Alf the Mouth :smiley:


dogs smell and are annoying. cats smell less and are less annoying but they are still smelly and annoying and they’re also less interesting than dogs and they think they own the place. in summary, get a tamagochi or maybe just a few box sets instead.


I’ll take your cats if you don’t want them. Are they indoors cats?

I know they’re special breeds but I’m only offering to have them for free. I will not pay you.


ahaha nice try <3 no one gets my kitties. they are everything <3


Don’t get a dog then!

You’ll be forced to choose.


Make them shake hands
In all honesty introduce the dog in a confine first - doesn’t need to be a cage but in a way it can’t really get to the cat, and then let the cat get used to it being in the same room and gradually remove the barriers. (Over like a week. Also the pheromones thing does seem to work)


Subconsciously you’re only getting a dog so that you’ll have a reason to get rid of the cats. You’ll have to face up to this at some point. The betrayal is already underway.


this has gotten so dark


I’ve got a dog (spaniel - non-reeky) and a cat. The dog is completely oblivious to the cat’s existence. The cat tolerates the dog, and will just walk away if it gets bit much. As far as I’m aware the cat has not once swiped or hissed at the dog.

The cat was wary on first introduction to the dog, but it didn’t take very long at all for him to acclimatise. Lavishing the cat with attention helped.

For us I think that they key was having sufficient space so that the cat can take himself elsewhere away from the dog if the mood takes him.

In short, go for it.