Introducing West Star Music Promotions

Hi Guys I would like to introduce West Star Music Promotions to you we are a small company who promote signed and unsigned bands from around the world.

This post would interest you if you are looking to build a website for your band or want song play onto our radio stations.
We have been promoting bands for a number of years now via West Star Radio and Club Sparta Fm and now we would like to offer more than just song play. We would like to play a part with your band promotion by creating a website or online profile. So you canconcentrate at what you do best.

As we are a music promotion company we will also take your website and research your area and send your website to venues with in your location in to help you find Gigs.

As a company we are a regular feature at the event Romstock a music event here in Romsley UK and have a respectable presence on social media and have connection with USA, AUSTRALIA and EU so we can easily promote your band within these areas too.

We are also here to create friends within the industry too so we can link up in the future for potential events we host.

Please do check out our websites and see what we do to promote your band