Chicken Big Tasty


Not gonna lie m8s, I’m all about this.


Which part of a chicken does the “select” come from?

Buzz Killington over here.

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Yeah I kinda thought that but gonna get it anyway

No one could get illa

Great idea, poorly executed imho.

Oh you sweet, sweet fool

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Posh McDonald’s burgers are massively Tory.

McDonalds ‘Signature’ burgers are pretty good imho.


Imagine your signature was an actual McDonalds burger


ironic name

they are really good

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Solid 7/10

Prefer McDonald’s earlier work to be honest.

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Getting this tomorrow. Decided.

My McDonald’s choices are always restricted to things that were on the menu in the 1980s. I don’t need McDs to innovate, I just need them to be consistent

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“Have we got a Fillet O Fish ready for that old guy?”
“Yeah, it’s been on the heater since last month when he was in.”

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went to have lunch at mcdos today, but it was closed for renovations.

sick to my stomach thinking I could have been eating one of these.