Hey there! I’m colossalhorse, a Yorkshireman exiled in South Wales, and I make ambient/drone/weird noises as Veins Full of Static and release stuff on the excellent Disintegration State label that was founded on these very boards. There is an ancient Drowned in Sound prophecy that says I have been chosen to make and sell a small range of boutique hot sauces. Still waiting for the stars to align on that one. Stay tuned.

I’ve been here since time immemorial. I don’t post all that much these days but when I do it’s usually gaming thread (though I only really play Monster Hunter and Hardspace: Shipbreaker atm so I haven’t got much to contribute), the wrestling thread (AEW and NJPW have kept my sanity intact through the Covid period) and the ambient/heavy/HGATR threads over on the music board. I’m one of those maladjusted folks who communicate largely in Simpsons memes and I make no apologies for it.


Hello, I’m Octobadger, which is just a nonsense username. I’m in central Scotland, got two young kids and a desk job with long hours, don’t find a lot of time for hobbies or a life but I still have memories of interests in good food + great booze, birdwatching, European city-breaks and puzzles. I don’t know any other users other than by reading/replying to their posts on the forum, sometimes feels like that puts me in the minority but I still find it a welcoming friendly place.

I joined the forum around 2015 just to look at and vote in the end of year album poll, and have gradually got more and more active on the music forum and elsewhere ever since.

I’m mainly here to discover and share music recommendations (seem to be becoming Gilles Peterson as I age and lean more towards jazz, hip-hop, house, world and folk than the indie, rock and IDM I grew up with). I’m also here for the puns and bad/dad jokes, and particularly over lockdown have enjoyed participating in A Quiz of Sorts (AQOS), Music League, the DIS Song Contest and of course the regular HGATR, HGIIR and AOTM threads.


Hi, I’m LastAstronaut (or Rich if you’d prefer), grew up in the west country but now living in Leeds. I’ve been here pretty consistently since about 2005, I mostly frequent the Music board (these days in the heavy thread quite a lot), although I do pop over to Social now and again for the odd selfie Friday or Masterchef chat.
Over the years I have discovered an enormous amount of music and bands via this site, I think I can honestly say without DiS my musical horizons would be significantly narrower! :slight_smile:


I’m Pervo and I am from the south-east. I love my precious prince Pumpkin (gerbil, best friend), dramatic headwear, non league football, the song ‘It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy ft Rik Rok, and Feathers McGraw from The Wrong Trousers - the greatest villain of all time.

I have been on DiS since mid 2013, although I briefly lurked in mid 2012 and went to a talk Sean did in Shoreditch about the future of music journalism. I was too socially awkward to make eye contact and ask for any of the free bottles of Rekorderlig, even though it was my favourite cider at the time.

Aged 14, I wrote a song from the perspective of another person about how I was ‘so hot (I) burn’. Having reached higher heights than most artists achieve across their whole careers, I then retired from music, which is just as well because I have no discernible talent in this area. My taste in music is extremely poor and I spend more time arguing for Lee Ryan’s status as a national treasure than listening to new music. Namaste.


Hi I’m glimmersofhope, I lurked for about 10 years before starting to post a couple of years ago. I couldn’t do without the Friday new releases thread, it gives me a weekly list to work through. I also love the nintendo thread. Into loads of different music mainly lo fi indie, post rock, electronica, hip hop and pop. I really value the range of opinions on the boards. Seems like a nice place.


Hi! I’m Bread, primarily a lurker and occasional poster. I’m dyslexic so keep my typo-heavy posts to a minimum.

I joined the forums in 2006 to promote gigs and have used it to keep up on music news and music recommendations ever since.

I live in East Hampshire but have spent most of my life in either Dorset or London. I spent 18 years running a variety of club nights alongside a day job, sadly that’s all a distant memory now.

In addition to music boards I’m here for football and switch threads but struggle to keep up with both.

Thanks for all the recommendations over the years.


this sounds so reminiscent of my own time in shoreditch circa 2012. so many ‘tech’ conferences, so many opportunities…so many times me just being awkward in the corner


Hiya! I’m chuff from Manchester, in the West Midlands I was born and raised but I’ve spent time in North Wales and London too.

Joined here 15 years ago to spam people about my band which went surprisingly well, now I’m just here to post stupid stuff on the various Simpsons threads we have here and the Great Things On Social Media thread, as well as making very boring suggestions about kitchen appliances. I also enjoy reading the politics threads and passing off what I read there as my own carefully considered thoughts when speaking to pals.

When I’m not on here I’m either chasing around my two tiny children, cooking vegan food, reading, watching Rupaul’s Drag Race or making music.


I’m Rob from Manchester. Username is an Oceansize song that should have been on their debut album and I’m still disappointed about that almost 20 years later. Been mainly a lurker on here for probably nearly 15 years. Mainly here for the music board, specifically new releases, the Neil Young Listening Club, HGATR and Music League. Started the Mogwai listening club recently because I don’t know enough by them and wanted an excuse to listen to everything and talk about them with people in the know. It’s been a delight so far and we’re only up to Rock Action so loads left to go - join us!

I don’t know anybody on the boards in real life, but DiS has been a bit of a godsend during lockdown. I work from home but my wife is working away from the house, so I have long days with just my cats for company - it’s been a way of staying in touch with stuff. So thanks everyone!


Come post cat pics in the cat thread!


Hi I’m Hotbeeftrauma (don’t ask).

Mostly from North Yorkshire I’m now in Leicester ( :wave: @Abe ). I have absolutely no idea how I discovered the boards but it must have been over 6 years ago now. I lurked quite a bit on them and then got a bit more involved on NewDiS where I mostly post loads of typos and photos of my dog.


Ahoy hoy! I’m Blind_Pilot, based up in Glasgow via Preston and a stint in London.

I’ve been a sporadic poster and long term lurker from at least 2006ish, then in recent years got to know a few lovely folk IRL, mostly through DiS FC (which I sorely sorely miss and will travel the length of the country to join in with at least once when we’re allowed to play again. And that’s a threat.)

I do beer things for a living, and now mainly use DiS for finding quality social media content I can pass off to friends/family as my own discovery, offering up juicy industry gossip and/or slander in the Brewdog thread, and giving out likes to virtually every Simpsons reference that gets crowbarred into a discussion.

DiS has been a near-constant postive influence on me for a long time now, broadening my horizons musically and politically/socially/culturally too, and I really appreciate it still going relatively strong: you’re all great.


Hello! I think I’m Mistersteve, a portion of which is my real first name (can you guess which bit?).

I’m an animator and a musician and I come here far too often for discovering new music, talking about old music, and a right old laugh at the funny people.


Hello, I’m spicer, and have been using DiS for ~15 years. I’m London-based, a graphic designer, have a beard, generally a police photo-fit of a Diser. Depending on how busy I am I’ll be lurking for long periods or a bit more active in conversation but during my years spent on here I’ve found DiS to be an influential source of everything from music to politics to life advice.


Hi, I’ve lurked for a while, this seems like a really good community so I decided to sign up. Pleased to meet you. It’s the music board that drew me in, I guess as you’d expect, It’s probably the way I come across most new music these days. I really like the passionate and personal posts in the HGATR threads in particular, especially when it’s an artist I’d previously not cared for and been dismissive of. DiS makes me laugh too.

I instantly regretted my username but will live with it and that’s all I have to say for now.


Hello, I’m kram. Currently London-based person, been posting sporadically/lurking for 15 years or so after finding DiS whilst procrastinating at an old job. Have found a tonne of great music through posters on here, and been generally entertained and informed by the rest of the forum. Still working out what I want to do when I grow up (at the age of 38), and mostly want to write stories and wander around outside taking photos.


Hi, I’m a Steve. I’m from London, I like listening to and making music, and I liked the DiS website before it shut down so I’m signing up to chat shit here.

I like posting electronic music on instagram and soundcloud, and occasionally putting out “proper” releases on bandcamp.

sounds wicked


No one else is in the office, so I can enjoy listening to your soundcloud at high volume. yayclod.001


Hello everyone! I’m FranSing, originally from North-East England, but been living in Singapore for the past few years.

I started using DiS back in ~2006, primarily to distract myself from a dull office job and also to broaden my musical horizons/discover new bands no one has heard of to make myself appear cooler. I rediscovered the message boards a year or two ago, and have been lurking ever since.

During corona and the travel ban, I’ve used DiS as a way to stay connected with what’s going on back in the UK, and also to educate myself on cultural/social issues that I don’t know too much about. And sometimes, just to watch animal videos/look at weird house listings as a welcome distraction to everything that’s going on in the world. Oh, and my wfh experience has been soundtracked by whatever appears on ‘How Good Are They Really’ - amazing job to the person putting that together!

Anyway, thanks for all being great and for keeping this going, keep up the good work! :relaxed: Hopefully I’ll be able contribute something useful in the future :slight_smile: Cheers!


I’m Wiggy

I signed up to DiS in about 2007, the same year I moved to London. I eventually ended up going to gigs with DiSers, and many people from here have introduced me to some amazing music.

I make music, you can listen here

I am known for posting a lot of content in the Great Things Posted On Social Media threads and for a silly picture of me posted on the old boards. I like reading the politics and sports threads. I also like dipping in to the music board to find new things.