Never did a proper introduction before, so here goes.

I’m Tiergarten. You can probably find out the “real” me from this and my avatar alone. Long time outsider here - went to one meet up about two years ago (?). I am neurodivergent (autistic), currently live in the West Midlands and run a record label of neurodivergent artists (including my own projects). I will also defend Placebo to the hills (have done so previously on here) and have a habit of talking about Ukraine without much prompting :ukraine:


Love your attitude through all…people talk you feel you know then more about them …most of us stay quiet though…thats ok also


Hello, I am Shoebox1976uk aka Andrew. I live in Kent in the south east of England. Apparently I’ve been a member since 2016, but have probably only really posted with any kind of fervour in the past couple of years.

I am here mostly for the music recommendations, and I don’t think I can really pigeonhole myself as I like an awful lot of everything.

I am married, with two teenage daughters and a cat called Totoro. When I’m not working (management information for a massive insurance company, it’s a job totally without merit), I am generally lazy and have no hobbies other than running. This evening I will find something else to do whilst my wife watches Call Of Duty or whatever it’s called…


I am Dianne and mad about Music. I like to read and chat about anything and everything…likely annoy some people though…hobbies loads and loads never bored and always up for a laugh. family well that is a hard question for me…moving on Lived here in France now for 6+years and just moved my bed really as I can live wherever I lay my head…as longs as my Husband is happy also…live it, it is short


I am Adam. Been reading these forums for years, but rarely if ever posted. I live in rural Lincolnshire, having moved from London and originally the west country. I am old now. I’ve played various bands and still do music; finishing an album at the moment. I am here for chatter with music minded people (I miss that in real life) and new recomendations.


You sound like my friend Mike who moved from London to rural Lincs, but I don’t think you are actually him

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As you are called Adam you see


Hi, champion lurker here, first time poster. think i’ve been reading DiS since the beginning, 2000ish, when I was a proper music obsessed d*ckhead starting university. has been a constant in my life since, doing all the classic life things of moving to London, being an office-job hero, and now being a late 30s married-with-a-kid living by the sea. not sure why i’ve never posted, just enjoyed it more like a weird long running soap opera/comedy. anyway, I may never post again, who knows!


My middle name is Michael, but that doesn’t change a thing.


I would take offence, but this is too accurate