Introverts of DiS


How many of us are introverts? I think I know who I’d identify as being introverted but it’s probably not up to me.

Was reading this (New Yorker ooh lalala) article about how people tend to be not-so-understanding and mistake it for rudeness

What you sayin’, do people think you’re an arse due to introversion?


“As an introvert, I hate donating money to charity. I’m just too shy to think about my money going to help some stranger.”


I despise small talk with people I barely know and I get anxious when I’m forced to do networking or shit like that, but do people really get shy about giving money to charity?


Too high brow for me, mate.

Just introvert things


Oh, is this like a funny thing?


Sounds like a cunt.

I get where all of this is coming from as I’m not disimilar, but I wouldn’t write all this analysing myself making excuses.

EDIT: Wait, he must be taking the piss


I dunno I just nicked it off facebook


stolen like a true introvert


Feel like I’m really an extrovert but life has beaten me down; here is my work horoscope though


genuinely have no idea which one I am

I need lots of time alone to reflect on things and all that stuff but I also need to be around people a lot and love meeting people and hanging out and stuff


Very much an introvert.

I find being in groups of more than 3 in a social setting crushingly awkward and during ice-breaker sessions my insides turn themselve upside down with anguish.

Some people really thrive on that stuff, I really don’t at all.

At work I tend isolate myself listening to music or podcasts rather than getting involved in the banter / chat around me.


I genuinely don’t know what small talk is either. sometimes you can get from really mundane topics to finding out really specific and interesting things about someone really quickly.


I think it’s massively simplified and conflated with other stuff.

I.e. someone who is loud and gregarious = extrovert
someone who holds back during group situations = introvert


I definitely identify with a lot of the introvert behaviours but I have a bit of a problem with people who fully wear their ‘personality type’ as some kind of badge/ get out of jail free. I have a friend (non-introvert behaviour) who is constantly sharing links and inspirational memes from some NM-IR(?) group she joined on Facebook (take it to Terrible Things on Social Media…) and it’s really annoying.

I get really worn out being around people and being social but I will quietly give myself time to recharge and not make a thing of it.

The book Quiet by Susan Cain is a great way for any introvert to convince themselves they’re a superhero though.


Listen pal binary thought’s the foundation of our presumed reality so don’t go rocking the boat now!


I’m all about spectrums, pal!


I’m an introvert. Better than being an obnoxious, needy extrovert. Like, I’ve never met a really extrovert person and thought “oooh, I’m going to lovvvvveeee spending a prolonged period of time in your company!”

  • Binary choices
  • An amount of nuance

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What do you think?


Are you calling @Ruffers a nuance? Because that’s really not cool.


I always come out as extroverted on those Myers Briggs tests, but I reckon people would probably tag me as an introvert. So maybe I’m a failed extrovert :smiley: