Invent a Holiday

Most holidays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day are spread accross Winter, Autumn, Spring. I’d like to propose we go out all out and start celebrating a new holiday with mid summer themes on the 21st of June.
Make it a Bank Holiday, the day of the week will change each year which keep things interesting. Medieval sun can be the mascot:

People can build a model stone henge in their houses out of jenga. Party goers can get smashed throughout the shortest night of the year and wait for the sun rise. Kids can be taught some astronomy.
Not really thought out what solar food people could have but water melon or themed ice lollys or something could work.

Anyone got any better ideas?

i’d quite like a pancake day but for another food stuff

maybe pizza? everyone takes the day off and eats a pizza… but you have to cook it yourself.

it’s gonna be universally loved out the gate




everyone loves pizza but maybe that’s the wrong one

there’s something nice about the simplicity of the pancake. not sure what else fits the bill.

think a non-religious Ramadan and Eid set-up would be class to adopt. a whole month where something else takes a higher priority than work, for more or less everyone, and then a big three day party at the end.

Also replace new years with nowruz, it’s better to have it in the spring than the middle of winter


beans on toast day


that’s the opposite problem! not enough cooking involved

if that’s a problem, you can make your own beans and cook them for 5 hours. I have a recipe if you’re interested…


oh sorry - 5 hours + overnight soaking. So 17 hours really.

really excited for beans on toast day this year. gonna go all out.

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Take a cuddly toy to work day.

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In the Netherlands they celebrate “vlaggetjesdag” i.e. the first day of the year that herring has been landed.

Maybe the British can do something similar for their favourite homegrown foodstuff, e.g. celebrate the first English strawberry of the year, or the first Welsh leek, or the first Scottish [insert Scottish vegetable]?

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christmas day in May. exactly the same as christmas day. exactly.


I was gonna write “deep fried Mars bar” but that seemed too much of a cliché.

A second Halloween on my birthday which is a bank holiday

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*July. May already has two bank holidays!

I think the UK should have puentes like in Spanish speaking countries.


would you consider june? meet me in the middle here come on.