Invent names of genres for groups of artists that don't have one

I like putting genre playlists together. But some don’t have names yet.

Here’s one - I need a name for that music from late nineties to mid noughties that takes in Frog Eyes, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Of Montreal, Destroyer - where all the music was willfully skewiff, out of tune and sounds like kids singing.

“Kid Rock”?

Oops, that’s already taken.



*never heard any of these bands, but you’re not selling them with that description


I know what you mean. I 'm trying to get something to stick with ‘warp’:
warpcrush, warpslide, sweeptwist, warpdrift, driftsweep … could go on forever, and I 'm not getting anywhere! :stuck_out_tongue:



The only one I’m at all familiar with is Animal Collective - not really my style but I would not dismiss them as “shite”, there are some interesting things going on in the music. There is a really awful Motown cover they did, can’t remember the song but that probably qualified as shite. I think I’ve heard Dirty Projectors but can’t remember anything about the music, which obviously means I must have found it boring.

What I think about the endless procession of genre labels: there are too many of them already, and most of them overlap to an extent that is ridiculous - unless you are an aficionado of one of those genres, in which case they seem to take the fine distinctions ever so seriously. “Death metal” vs “doom metal” - for the love of God why do we need both categories? If you must produce a new label, at least make it a label that tells you something about the music. such that someone who has never encountered the term before might be able to take a good guess at what the music sounds like.

quirky art rock bawbags

pitchfork-core (I like all of those bands)

Yeah don’t worry, wasn’t really serious! I loved them for a while but haven’t listened to them much in years. Been meaning to get back into some of their less wacky albums. Tried the last album recently though and couldn’t make it through more than a couple of tracks.

Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Of Montreal


Now I feel old.


Isn’t that “freak folk”

…or “warpcore”, since he seems to like the word “warp”.

Death and Doom metal sound completely different…

Death metal



I just heard something on the radio being described as a genre called “Neuro Diverse”. Turns out it just means that the main guy in the band is autistic. But that’s not a genre, surely. I mean, half the people fronting bands are probably autistic to a degree.

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“Neuro Diverse”. We have come a long a way.

If in doubt put the word “post” or “glitch” before another established genre name and end with “-core”. So perhaps I should call it post-glitch folkcore,

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Maybe. The Of Montreal, Dirty Projectors and Frog Eyes veer into full on psych freak outs. Some of their stuff could definitely be lumped in with Newsom and stuck in a Freak Folk playlist though. I might do that.

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My comment isn’t intended as any slight against people who are autistic, by the way. But it’s not a genre any more than “black music” - a term that I have heard said - is a genre.

I didn’t think it was. I was just imagining a kid with aspergers in the seventies getting bullied in the playground, and telling his adversaries that he was not a retard, but was neuro-diverse. As I said. We have come a long way.

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It’s got me thinking, though, about how much I know - and don’t know - about autism. There’s an autism awareness week next month. But I guess there’s no reason to start early and read up on it a bit now.