Invent 'the truth' about different TV shows


On Masterchef:The Professionals the producers tell Marcus, Monica and Gregg which contestants they want to remain in the process. If one of them delivers a poor dish Marcus and Monica throw it in the bin then recreate it themselves whilst the contestant sits in that room outside the kitchen.


BBC News. Armando Iannuci was brought in to combat falling ratings by bringing ‘the thick of it’ to life. All of our current politicians and commentators are actors and it’s all one big joke.


Gregg’s horrible. Goes round putting certain contestants ingredients in the blender if he doesn’t like them, then says in his critique after tasting that it’s lacking that ingredient.


Alan Sugar doesn’t actually meet any of the contestants on The Apprentice. Films his bits in a separate location which they then overlay onto the boardroom to make it look like he’s there. Karen and Claude tell him who to fire.


Mulder was part of the conspiracy and knew aliens weren’t real all along :open_mouth:


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