Invention and Design Thread

Let’s face it we’re all probably the smartest and most creative people we know. I know I am.

In this thread I invite people to name a problem or a need and we’ll create something that solves it or generally makes life fundamentally better in some way.

Let’s fulfill our promise, display our talent and stun the world with our genius.

First problem, issue, want, desire or need please…

I want, desire and need lunch please Saps.

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I would like a car with some sort of limbs instead of wheels.

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beat me to it

Here you go, son.


A high-rise tower but inverted so it goes down instead of up thus allowing room for a traditional tower to be built on top of it if the need arises (pardon the pun)

Cheers, would probably like less smoke/fire/fuel coming out of the rear windows… ideally that is.

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Luckily there are already cafes, restaurants, sandwich shops, grocers and supermarkets.

No need for our hivemind to come up with something here.

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if we made windows that were 4K tvs could people not just live underground like that and have pictures of beautiful mountains or whatever on the tv to make it look like they were outside

no one would be able to tell


Check the glove compartment for that moon on a stick you ordered too!

This is something I genuinely believe I think

This is the highest quality thinking.


What about a solution to one of the biggest problems there is? Something that stops us having to look at cats’ horrible arseholes.

Don’t publicly disclose your inventions, you absolute shower of fannies.

I’m starting to think you lot don’t take my legal advice* seriously.

*N.B. not legally actionable advice. I am not your legal representative. Zeppelin rules.

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This is a private thread. All ideas are protected here.

Keep posting.

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The privates thread is on Thursday. And possibly Friday.


Ideas should be free, man

Well nobody’s going to pay for yours anyway.

Thank you for your help.

Guys - this is an incredible service. Highly recommended.

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Casio keyboard that says Yamaha on it instead.